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Artem Shestakov Redefines Landscape Photography In the Age of Social Media

        As an artist, a photographer goes behind the lens in the pursuit of capturing scenes that elicit true to life emotions. What unifies great photographers is that regardless of their choice of subject, they always capture within a frame something that draws out genuine reactions from the audience. In the current landscape and travel photography scene, 27-year-old Ukrainian photographer Artem Shestakov is definitely achieving these results. Artem Shestakov is an award-winning photographer from Ukraine, best known worldwide for his nature and landscape photography. Artem is an acclaimed landscape…

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Urban Ivy Announces the Launch of UI*VERSE – a space for the creative and the curious

Urban Ivy is excited to announce the launch of their new website and private member space, UI*VERSE, launching just days before releasing their debut coffee table book “Love, You.” (YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Nov 12, 2020 ( – After two years of meaningful conversations and numerous collaborations with their creative community, Urban Ivy Founder Erika Norwood decided it was time to reimagine how the small publisher interacts with consumers and creatives. This bold move’s reasoning was to provide a truly unique and intimate way that the community can engage with the…

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Quick questions with Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel

Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel’s music is at once introspective and hedonistic, matched with the vibrancy of alt-pop production, sometimes crafted by the artist himself. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Lagos, Oct 26, 2020 ( – Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel is a Nigerian artist. Within this few months, he has been a fast rising musical artist. Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel also known as Some4real was born April 8th 2001. He is a USA based citizen.    Recently, he had an interview with MK Media and these was all about the interview:  1)What is the first thing you’ll do when…

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in her new book, Dr. Mary Baures asks us to wake up from our delusion that we own the earth.

Awakening Awe – An illustrated Journey to Reverence (YorkPedia Editorial):- Beverly, Oct 16, 2020 ( – In her previous book Love Heals Baby Elephants – Rebirthing Ivory Orphans, psychologist Dr. Baures asked us not to turn life into things. In Awakening Awe, An illustrated Journey Toward Reverence her new message is woven around encounters with mother leopards, lion prides and indigenous tribes. She explains how our delusion that we own the earth created the coronavirus,  a warning shot from Mother Earth.  We will either learn the easy way or the hard way that nature cannot…

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Global Art Index has released their Art Price Index

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Oct 5, 2020 ( – We are delighted to announce the launch of Global Art Index. With an enthusiastic team of art and tech lovers, Global Art Index will be offering over 8 million artworks by more than 500,000 artists. Global Art Index will also support artists, art writers, art critics and will be covering auctions, art exhibitions and other art events globally. Global Art Index assures you that, we will do our best to serve you with the utmost care and share the latest data with…

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Motorized Tripod Head Helps Better Safeguard Home – Business

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Shenzhen, Sep 15, 2020 ( – ZHAOWEI Drive has designed and developed a geared tripod head solution with a built-in three-axis mechanical pan/tilt, which enables a stable, flexible and incredible panoramic shooting experience. It makes it possible to better safeguard home and business. Modern electronic cameras are opening the door for totally new photographic possibilities, both for photos taken in situ and for video processing. By combining the high resolution and rapid photographic frequency that can be achieved with a “rotating turntable”, so-called panorama shots can easily be compiled. Nowadays, crime has…

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Janalynn Castelino teases her new Music Video

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Mumbai, Jul 10, 2020 ( – Versatile singer ‘Janalynn Castelino’ is back to the music scene. The young trending artist teased a new look from her next music video on her social media handles after having recently released an MV amidst the pandemic. The picture that was captioned ‘EMBRACE YOURSELF’ in capital letters got her fans enthralling once again. Earlier this year, Janalynn Castelino made it to trending at Rank #2 on the YouTube Music Top 100 Charts with her Music Video ‘Fire On Fire (Recreated)’. The song gained humongous popularity all over Lebanon and countries in the…

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interPHOTO France to showcase global COVID19 lockdown photography

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Brest, May 29, 2020 ( – Diverse photographic images created during the COVID-19 Lockdown, necessitated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, will be showcased in a juried exhibition at the interPHOTO Online Gallery in August 2020. Amateur and professional photographers from all countries of the world are therefore invited to submit their work by July 1, 2020. An international panel of judges will select the exhibition. Award winners and participants will receive prestigious certificates. Based in Finistere, interPHOTO is an international project dedicated to providing opportunities for photographers from around the…

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Little wedding photo album created with miniature figures in lockdown

With weddings for 2020 postponing to next year, what do wedding photographers do during Lockdown?  (YorkPedia Editorial):- Barnstaple, May 27, 2020 ( – With weddings for 2020 postponing to next year, what do wedding photographers do during Lockdown?  They get creative… Simon of is a photographer from North Devon who likes so many wedding photographers found himself needing to put his business on pause.   “It’s an incredibly difficult time for couples; they’ve spent months if not years planning their day only to discover that they have to make the terrible…

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