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Nasir Hossain-Fashion Photographer: Nasir Hossain, creative fashion photographer of this generation.


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Nasir Hossain is a leading Fashion Photographer in Bangladesh.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Dhaka, Bangladesh May 8, 2022 ( – Nasir Hossain, one of Bangladesh’s best fashion photographers of his period, is the subject of today’s article. His work demonstrates that he is a talented fashion photographer. He was born and brought up in Dhaka’s old towns. Old Dhaka’s surroundings are creative and perfect for any artist to grow up. Several fashionistas recognize him, as well as he is also well-known on social media. In 2006, he began his photography quest as a teenager. In 2010, he chose to pursue his enthusiasm to a new level.


Nasir’s mother was indeed the driving force behind him on this voyage. Nasir Hossain has loved photography since he was a kid. Hence, he learned about using a camera and all the essentials from the beginning of his life. He began roaming around the fringes of Bangladesh in pursuit of his aspirations. He had always dreamed of traveling since he was a child. He received an offer to work for a corporation while on the road. This chance was a turning point in his profession, and it helped him become a famous photographer in Bangladesh.


He stayed there for many years, gaining valuable expertise as well as eventually becoming a leading fashion photographer in Bangladesh. Although his passion for travel led him to this vocation, it eventually grew into a passion for fashion photography. It eventually turned into a worthwhile project for him. An additional element that adds to his enjoyment of fashion is that he is a fashionista. His use of social media has enabled the rest of the world to witness his work. He began to share self-portraits and some other people’s images on a regular basis. These posts drew a lot of attention and gave Nasir a lot of followers. He currently works with well-known models such as Azim Uddula, Rupom Saif Bashar, Jessia Islam, Neel Hurerzahan, Munjarin Abony, Efa Tabassum, Al Fahad Bari, Troyee Chowdhury, Sunehra Tasnim, and many other social media stars. Many works of this talented fashion photographer have been featured in several local magazines and newspapers, and he has established himself as the best model photographer in Dhaka. 


Each emerging influencer and content creator aspires to be highlighted by him. His photographs are primarily concerned with beauty, fashion, emotions, structure, as well as power. He is now a source of motivation both for fashion photographers and fans of the fashion industry. Considering yet, he continues to influence his admirers by uploading expressive photographs of prominent models on his Instagram feed and story weekly. The fashion showbiz sector is his major great inspiration. His photographs are vivid, crisp, yet eye-catching. He has a lot of monochromatic and colorful photographs in his portfolio. Many of his photographs are romantic and emotional. He concentrates on both detail and surroundings. A story is told in several of his photographs.


Nasir Hossain believes that each photograph reveals a narrative. Without using words, photographs may tell a narrative. He is continuously attempting to shoot while preserving his individuality. He accomplishes all this while stressing fashion’s elegance. 


Grameenphone, Apex, Robi, Meghna Group, British America Tobacco, Splash, Groove, Noir, FHQ, Roar, Lola cosmetics, Cats Eyes, clubhouse, Kay Kraft, Nabila, Cycle life, to name a few, are among his clientele. For nine years, collaborating with so many top-tier firms had given him the expertise he needs to establish himself as Bangladesh’s best fashion photographer. He enjoys reading books by different authors in his free time. Reading books help to create a brilliant imagination that is well-known to all.


Nasir feels that work and dedication are required to reach any level of achievement in life. None of us can live a long and healthy life without putting in a lot of effort and persistence. His zeal and commitment have earned him worldwide acclaim. He enjoys learning unique skills and pushing himself to the utmost. It is vital for any new beginning who wishes to pursue a career as a photographer first to understand the fundamentals. Afterward, with patience and effort, one can make his way to his desired destination. Nasir particularly loves viewing films and documentaries, particularly those linked to fashion. It provides him with a variety of new concepts about global fashion and is also really intriguing.


Nasir’s following ambition is to seek a profession with international fashion firms and engage with the models there to demonstrate his fashion photography talents and influence the business. He aims to form himself overseas, make a reputation for himself, and have the name “Nasir Hossain” be globally recognized. That is what he desires.


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