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Fancy Chess Reveals Best Selling Chess Sets for Gifts

Based on sales data from the past year, Fancy Chess has found that Themed Chess Sets are the most popular gifts for chess enthusiasts, as well as Chess Boards with Storage. (YorkPedia Editorial):- North York, Ontario Mar 19, 2023 ( – According to the data, the top-selling Themed Chess Sets include sets such as the “Crusades Templar Knights”, “Civil War Generals”, and “American Revolutionary War”. These sets are popular for their unique and intricate designs, which offer a one-of-a-kind playing experience for chess lovers. The colors and detailed features of the Themed…

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Celebrate the Hummingbird Season with Birdfy’s Innovative Accessory

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Mar 15, 2023 ( – As the hummingbird season approaches, Birdfy proudly unveils its latest innovation, the Birdfy Hummee Extension Set. This exceptional accessory is specifically designed for hummingbirds, serving as the perfect add-on for Birdfy Feeder. The red lid with yellow flower design is a sure attraction for hummingbirds, making it a perfect addition to any garden or outdoor space. The Hummee takes the bird-watching experience to the next level, offering an innovative and unique way to appreciate the beauty of these magnificent birds. One of…

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2023 Next Level Knitting Conference Just Announced

Are you ready to take your knitting to the next level? (YorkPedia Editorial):- Plano, Texas Feb 28, 2023 ( – The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) has announced that the Next Level Knitting Conference will be held April 21-23, 2023.  With over 25 classes taught by masters in the knitting industry, this virtual conference offers classes targeting knitters of all skill levels. Participate from the comfort of your home without travel expenses.  Take advantage of 3 days of live classes plus over 6 months to access the courses so you can re-watch the…

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Iconic Autographs And Scarce Signatures For Sale in March

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Wayne, New Jersey Feb 28, 2023 ( – Signaturist-Ink, a leading purveyor of exceptional autographs, historic documents, antiquities & artifacts, is pleased to offer four exceedingly scarce autograph items set for sale this March, offering discerning collectors and investors a rare opportunity to own a piece of history direct from the pens of President John F. Kennedy, legendary Apple founder, Steve Jobs, Victor Hugo (Les Miserables), and General George Custer (“Custer’s Last Stand”). “We are pleased to be offering some of the most coveted autographs on the market today”, says…

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Spring into Action: Experience the Thrill of Bird Watching with Birdfy

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Feb 27, 2023 ( – Spring has arrived and with it comes the annual migration of millions of birds from their winter homes to their breeding grounds. For bird lovers everywhere, this is a time of excitement and anticipation. And now, with the help of the Netvue Birdfy smart bird feeder camera, you can experience the thrill of bird watching like never before. With Birdfy, you can say goodbye to missed opportunities. The camera automatically captures and identifies all the birds that come to your feeder, and…

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Metaverse project FANTA VERSE announced the launch of the UT token burn mechanism

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Feb 22, 2023 ( – [Metaverse project FANTA VERSE announced the launch of the UT token burn mechanism] FantaVerse is a Web 3.0 metaverse gaming world inspired by the legendary sci-fi movie, READY PLAYER ONE. Universal Token (UT) is a blockchain-based token that can be utilized for the purchase and sale of in-game props. On January 12, 2023, UT began trading on Poloniex and its price has increased by 300% since the token was listed. According to official news on 21 February 2023, FantaVerse announced the start of…

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That’s So Mariana Announces New Single “Movin” Ahead of Broadway Jr Revue

  Los Angeles, Jan 13, 2023 ( – 10 Year Old rising star That’s So Mariana also known as Mariana MaLyn Donnelly has announced her new single “Movin” produced by JayKliff and written by both JayKliff and her superstar father The Rift. The announcement comes to a couple of weeks after she announced on her Instagram (@ThatsSoMariana) that she will be joining her school’s Broadway Jr Revue. The “Beach Besties” singer whose song was picked up by the famous brand Louis Vuitton, spilt the beans to her fans on her new single…

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GardenHomeLife4u – A blog presenting unique ideas on and around household and more

(YorkPedia Editorial):- North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Dec 26, 2022 ( – We are delighted to announce the launch of GardenHomelife4u, a brand-new website that presents content surrounding household life in detail, covering a wide range of subjects. We present ideas and tips in unique and simple ways, which interact and resonate with users in a friendly tone. Ideas and topics we present cover a variety of household domains, including but not limited to, gardening, home and decor, utilities, and home economy. We have particularly taken a keen interest in household utilities expenditure…

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VarieHook Launchs a Unique Crochet Hook

A new twist on a very old tool. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Port Charlotte, Florida Dec 9, 2022 ( – The first model of the patent pending VarieHook is launching today, along with a 100 Stitch Dictionary in downloadable PDF format available at The VarieHook Model 1, ranging in size from 5.5 to 8.5mm, offers a number of benefits to crocheters with a wide range of skill levels.  Just a few of the most exciting benefits include the ability to form measured oversized stitches instead of estimating, and easily completing difficult crochet stitches…

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Why is Birdfy the top gift choice on Amazon?

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Nov 25, 2022 ( – What do you consider a perfect gift? Good looking, usefulness, interest or design…… These all could be the reasons for paying dollars. Netvue Birdfy is one of them that fits your every imagination for a bird feeder, and that’s why Birdfy stays the top gift choice on Amazon. 1. The value of birdwatching There are more than 45 million bird lovers in the US, and more people are on the way to joining the community. What makes birdwatching a trend? The spread of…

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