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7 ways to showcase house plants for decoration – Tips from Top Designers at Home Soft Things


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ontario, California Feb 15, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Plants are a wonderful way to bring life and vigor to interiors. Nothing brightens up a room like lush greenery, and the good influence plants have on our health and wellness is well-proven.

With so many indoor plants to choose from, from small strings of pearls to the big bird of paradise plants and indoor trees like figs and citrus, the possibilities for decorating with plants are limitless.

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There is a house plant for every room and occasion, whether you want to brighten up the kitchen or bring peace to the bedroom, so before you start decorating, make sure you’re familiar with the best indoor plants.

The Top Design Experts at Home Soft Things have gathered a variety of botanical home décor ideas, as well as some professional suggestions, to help inspire your plant choices and how to arrange them.

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The Advantages of Plant-Based Decorating

Plants have grown increasingly popular as we attempt to engage with nature and bring its soul-nourishing, relaxing impact into our homes.

Indoor plants, which come in a variety of shapes, forms, colors, and textures ranging from big leafy palms to little shapely cacti, not to mention flowering types, are adaptable décor ideas and are used by interior designers as living forms of art.

Plants look great in every part of the house, even the bathroom, which is often forgotten.

Plants are not only lovely and fragrant, but they also provide numerous health benefits. Plants not only assist to purify the air, but the activity of indoor gardening can be incredibly attentive, and well-placed Feng Shui plants are said to boost the flow of positive energy surrounding your home.

However, before you fill your home with house plants, consider their maintenance requirements first. Because different plants have different behaviors, choose plants that are appropriate for the area you are decorating and arrange them in locations where they will grow.

Alternatively, people who aren’t green-fingered can decorate with flowers, and there are lots of artificial plants available for an everlasting show.

  • Fill Your Shelves With House Plants

Plants are a must-have for many interior designers and stylists when it comes to adorning shelves.

Plants, especially those that trail, will add softness and freshness to any. Succulents have architectural style and require very little upkeep, so they can cover spaces where objects feel a little too hard.

How about some cascading ferns, spider plants, and potted pelargoniums. In combination, they can create the illusion of an indoor jungle in your family’s living space.

  • Plant-decorated Shelves

A variety of indoor plants can add the finishing touch to a room divider in an open-plan living area.

Plants with sculptural, organic forms are a fantastic antidote to the severe architectural lines of contemporary divider shelves, as well as offering splashes of brilliant color.

These shelves help subtly zone this living and dining space while maintaining a light and airy feel throughout by being styled with a mix of plant species placed at different heights.

  • More Is Better

Think creatively about how you may use bookcases, windowsills, and even hanging from the ceiling to create an immersive and mystical atmosphere.

Placing a few plants on your windowsill isn’t enough; they need to become a part of the room.

Abundance is key; the more you commit to the botanical theme, the more impressive it appears; walking into a foliage-filled room is uplifting.

  • Layer Plants at Various Heights

Plant layering is a lovely way to add life and interest to a white living room. For an interior jungle atmosphere, show a range of forms and shapes at varying heights, either placed on stands or hung as part of a gallery wall.

Plants with variegated leaves and pink strokes make excellent decor pieces due to their dramatic contrasts. They genuinely appear like they were produced by an artist.

I always advocate potting in white planters with simple designs so that your plant does not compete.

  • Use Indoor Trees to Create a Focal Point

If the indoor jungle effect is too much for you, a few strategically placed plants can improve a space. When it comes to designing with plants, homeowners are increasingly looking for large statement plants to create a focal point.

We are witnessing a trend for consumers to use home plants as an intrinsic design element, treating plants as they would furniture or art objects. Using plants as part of an architectural design strategy may quickly change any area.

Try the banana tree, elephant’s ear, pygmy date palm, or interior trees like citrus or fig trees to create a statement. This weeping fig tree makes the most of the high ceilings in this Georgian dining room, drawing the eye upwards to the magnificent architectural coving.

  • Arrange Plants On A Table

Clustering plants together is a great way to create a decorative focal point, whether as part of your entry table decor ideas or displayed on a table near a window. Choose a range of different leaf shapes and forms, and stagger the heights, placing the tallest at the back and little pots in front for the greatest results.

  • Add Greenery to a Dark Dining Room Corner

It can be difficult to know what to do with an empty living room corner, but adding a huge houseplant will quickly give the space meaning and brightness.

Incorporating plants and greenery into a space makes it feel more layered and welcome by providing natural texture, organic shapes, and a splash of color.

How Do You Use Plants to Decorate a Room?

Plants can be used in a variety of ways to beautify a room. Layer plants of various shapes and textures – from trailing kinds to large leafy palms – and display them at various heights to create an immersive, indoor jungle effect. Alternatively, a few statement plants can be used to create focal points in a room.

Plants are an excellent tool for softening living spaces, especially those with sharp angles and architectural features, and they look especially effective when incorporated into bookshelf ideas or arranged as part of your mantel decor ideas. ‘Keep in mind that plants and greenery will add life to your shelf, so include them to bring a sense of the outside in and help ground the room.

However, before you decorate a room with plants, consider the environmental needs of your houseplants: do they require a lot of direct sunlight? Or would you rather be somewhere dark and cool?’

If all of this extra care seems like too much effort, artificial plants or dried branches like pampas grass and eucalyptus look just as natural and may be housed in beautiful vases and planters.



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