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Unleashing the Strategic Collaboration between Team Aviation India Pvt. Ltd. and Armite Lubricants

Uniting for Success: Collaboration between Team Aviation India Pvt. Ltd. and Armite Lubricants (YorkPedia Editorial):- New Delhi, Delhi Mar 16, 2023 ( – Team Aviation India Pvt. Ltd. and Armite Lubricants (Armite Lubricants) are pleased to announce their recent strategic alliance aimed at enhancing the capabilities of MRO and OEM companies in the aerospace and aviation sectors, fostering innovation in aerospace technology. This collaboration combines Team Aviation‘s expertise in distributing aircraft components among other aerospace products with Armite’s advanced lubricant proficiency and manufacturing abilities.  This strategic alliance will enable them to develop…

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New Political Party, Redemption Party, Launches in the United States

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Atlanta, Georgia Mar 6, 2023 ( – A group of politically-minded individuals today announced the formation of a new political party, the Redemption Party. The party aims to provide a fresh perspective and new solutions to the issues facing the country. “We are tired of the same polarizing politics and the same divisive politicians,” said 2024 United States Presidential Candidate Ashaki Nichols, the party’s federal candidate. “The Redemption Party offers a new approach and a renewed commitment to the values that make our country great.” The party’s platform is focused…

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Tamils mark 04 February 2023 as 75 years of national oppression in Sri Lanka – Australian Tamil Congress

  (YorkPedia Editorial):- Sydney, New South Wales Feb 17, 2023 ( – On 4 February 2023, Sri Lanka will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the country’s independence from British rule. This independence celebration is taking place in the background of Sri Lanka being declared as a country in economic crisis with a lack of rule of law and no end in sight for the ongoing planned, concerted, and consistent national oppression of the Tamil nation by the majority Sinhala nation. As far as the Tamil people in Sri Lanka and the Tamil…

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Some Things Have A Short Shelf Life, But Long Impact

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Jacksonville, North Carolina Feb 24, 2023 ( – When we, at HatnPatch, read the recent news of a long-lost submarine finally being identified as the USS Albacore (SS-218), we noticed it had been launched in 1942 and then lost in 1944.  Yet, for its short service, it had earned nine battle stars and four Presidential Unit Citations, making it one of the Second World War’s most successful U.S. submarines. The discovery has brought a sense of closure to those who wondered about the submarine’s final resting place. The revelation of…

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Caipiteal CEO Benjamin Boyle invents and proves Time Travel

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Washington, D.C, District of Columbia Jan 4, 2023 ( – Time travel, named Timeywimeywimey now, has been invented and proved by Benjamin Boyle, CEO of Caipiteal. Benjamin created the technology on the back of extensive research conducted in the fields of applied quantum physics and Noetic Science.  Time travel works on the premise of either or both influencing the past or sending your consciousness back or forward in time. Proven science such as remote viewing and distant healing teaches us that all times exist everywhere at once like a hologram…

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New Feature Streamlines Workflows in BarCloud Barcode Inventory System

Enhanced User Experience in our Barcode Inventory Software with Seamless Workflows Perfect for Managing Multiple Warehouses (YorkPedia Editorial):- Austin, Texas Dec 13, 2022 ( – ASAP Systems of San Jose, Calif. announced the release of a new feature in their barcode inventory system. The new Site Transfer feature includes a more intuitive user experience that streamlines workflows for all users. For those responsible for managing barcoded inventory across numerous warehouses and independent locations, this new feature will make it easier to keep track of stock levels, reduce manual data entry and minimize…

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3D LiDAR Sensor and V2X Showcase by KANAVI MOBILITY at CES 2023

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Las Vegas, Nevada Dec 8, 2022 ( – KANAVI MOBILITY, a South Korean automotive supplier producing an array of automotive components used in automotive will be participating at the CES 2023 for the seventh consecutive year. The supplier will be showcasing its latest development of LiDAR sensors at the Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall – booth #5767. KANAVI MOBILITY will showcase its advanced VL-R16 LiDAR sensor which is a 3D  16-channel scanning unit suitable for autonomous driving levels 2 and 3. In addition, the supplier will also reveal their…

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New Book, MegaQuake 2023, Offers Middle East View Based on Bible’s Torah by Moses, Revered by Muslims, Jews – Christians

How Current Events May Be Disproving the Quran (YorkPedia Editorial):- Cottonwood, Arizona Nov 1, 2022 ( – Dr. Richard Ruhling writes on current events and Bible prophecy. He predicted war with Iraq before 9-11, based on “the vision at the time of the end” in Daniel 8. His recent book, MegaQuake 2023, offers a view of that vision and how current conflicts may be resolved in 2023. It has ranked in the Top 100 books for all three of Kindle’s categories. “It was We who revealed the Torah (to Moses); therein was guidance…

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Defence Minister Ajay Bhatt Visited BEL’s Stall At DefExpo 2022 and Experienced Triton EV’s Hydrogen All-Terrain Bike

Mr. Ajay Bhatt, MoS-Defence not only appreciated BEL for it’s work in the area of hydrogen fuel technology but also experienced the All Terrain Hydrogen Powered Bike by Triton EV showcased at BEL’s Stall in DefExpo 2022. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Ahmedabad, Gujarat Oct 20, 2022 ( – Mr. Ajay Bhatt, Hon’ble Minister of State for the Ministry of Defence, Govt of India visited DefExpo 2022 and showed great interest in knowing and experiencing the cutting-edge technologies that are been displayed there. Mr. Bhatt visited the Bharat Electricals Ltd (BEL) stall and personally witnessed…

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IR Supplies and Services Grows with New Ownership

Welcoming Robbie VanHoek in New Role as Vice President (YorkPedia Editorial):- Edmonton, Alberta Sep 22, 2022 ( – IR Supplies and Services is pleased to announce that Robbie VanHoek recently acquired shares in the company.  This acquisition means that Robbie will join IR as a co-owner and with that he will now hold the role of vice president.  Rob Muschket, president of IR, can’t help sharing his enthusiasm for this important change.  “Robbie has been with the company since 2012 and his role has grown significantly during that time.  He has been…

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