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Some Things Have A Short Shelf Life, But Long Impact


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Jacksonville, North Carolina Feb 24, 2023 ( – When we, at HatnPatch, read the recent news of a long-lost submarine finally being identified as the USS Albacore (SS-218), we noticed it had been launched in 1942 and then lost in 1944.  Yet, for its short service, it had earned nine battle stars and four Presidential Unit Citations, making it one of the Second World War’s most successful U.S. submarines.

The discovery has brought a sense of closure to those who wondered about the submarine’s final resting place. The revelation of this shipwreck — discovered in 2022 off the coast of Japan — is also allowing another generation to learn about the sub’s dramatic history and, possibly, about the sailors who gave their lives fighting for our nation during World War II (WWII).

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The USS Albacore had such a short ‘life,’ but had a big impact.  It’s now up to veterans, historians, the media, and the military to bring the memories and experiences of this WWII-era submarine back to life so stories of its battles and sailors’ sacrifices live on.

We appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the war operations of the USS Albacore (SS-218) and its heroic crew of 85 men, which were part of the 52 Navy submarines and over 3,500 men lost during WWII. §

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