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Biogetica releases groundbreaking trial on herpes showing natural medicine acts faster than pharmaceutical antivirals

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New Delhi, Sep 11, 2020 ( – It started way back in the year 2004, when Dr. T Vijayan from the JSS School of pharmaceuticals discovered that extracts of Hypericum Mysorense, a rare plant from the Nilgiri Hills could completely suppress the herpes virus in-vitro. Given that herpes is the second most common virus on planet earth the news made international headlines for a few days with articles like “A cure for herpes in the Nilgiri Hills?”   Some major pharmaceutical companies decided to synthesize ‘hypericin’ and use it for trials on Herpes…

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We are here to make a difference in the Nutrition industry.

It’s about what goes into your body that counts. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Casselberry, Aug 12, 2020 ( – Healthy1inc  We are here to make a difference in the Nutrition industry by educating people on the fundamentals we simply forget & toss out the window while getting comfortable with life.” said Owner And President Matthew Zifferblatt.” Our company provides Natural ways to better ones health without the use of harsh drugs or medications.  “While learning the arts of the industry, being Certified by the N.E.S.T.A. for Fitness and Nutrition, I have come to learn…

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GIG international Establishes Emergency ventilator mass production in Response to COVID-19

The company announces the launch of emergency ventilator device, OXIVI, as Global demand continues to rise in a resurgence of Coronavirus (YorkPedia Editorial):- Seoul, Aug 3, 2020 ( – GIG International, a leading South Korean medical device manufacturer that has advanced into seven countries around the world, announces that it has completed the mass production facility of the emergency ventilator auxiliary device named OXIVI, to be supplied to patients infected with the respiratory disease SARS-CoV-2 (hereinafter referred to as COVID-19). GIG announces the launch after completing trial experiments and filing patent applications…

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Tanya Porter Redefines Sports Triple Threat As Scientist, Coach and Technologist with SportsEdTV

Olympic Pioneer in Sports Movement Joins SportsEdTV as Senior Contributor (YorkPedia Editorial):- Miami, Jul 20, 2020 ( – SportsEdTV coaches, athletes and parents to enjoy the expertise of Tanya Porter, lifelong competitor in multiple sports and renowned Olympic High Performance Center leader. “When I heard Tanya Porter tell how sports and the development of athletes had become a passion for her, I knew we’d be bringing our users a very special library of her discoveries and innovations,” said SportsEdTV Founder and Chairman Robert Mazzucchelli. She is a broad-spectrum sports scientist – coordinator…

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Miami Beach, Jun 29, 2020 ( – Consortium International Holdings, LLC (CIH), a Florida based company is happy to announce that pursuant to Section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the Healgen Scientific Covid-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Cassette will be made available to laboratories certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA, 42 U.S. C. 263a.), to perform moderate or high complexity tests throughout the United States. Over the past months, Consortium International Holdings, LLC (CIH), has moved forward with the establishment of marketing and…

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AJ Simon Enterprises Releases COVID19 White Paper on Objective Symptom Screening to Safely Re-open the Economy

White Paper explains why current CDC Guidelines are insufficient to create robust consumer confidence and lack optimal balance of public health and economic activity (YorkPedia Editorial):- Yardley, Jun 17, 2020 ( – As the country and the world attempt to balance the public’s health from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and return to economic activity from COVID-19 lockdowns, AJ Simon Enterprises LLC (AJSE) has assessed what is required to re-open the economy safely to regain consumer confidence. Leveraging AJSE’s extensive scientific experience in the space, the company has released a detailed white paper that…

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Biotech Start-up GenoSUR and 7HG Open Testing Kit Manufacturing Facility in Miami-Dade County

GenoSur developed a portable medical device / sampling collection and created 90 jobs in Miami-Dade by opening it’s first testing kit manufacturing facility in the county. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Miami, Jun 16, 2020 ( – Chilean-based biotech start-up, GenoSUR and 7 Holdings Group (7HG), an expert logistics provider, have joined forces to open a manufacturing facility in Miami-Dade County that will produce portable sampling collection kits and transport devices for SARS-CoV-2, commonly known as COVID-19, and other respiratory viruses. Since 2017, GenoSUR has been developing and manufacturing medical devices for molecular diagnostic applications in…

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Your Country Needs YOUR Innovations! A new online “gateway” for your COVID-19 inventions and ideas

  Innovolo – a UK-based company that champions innovation – have today launched their online portal where anyone can upload their COVID-19 product ideas for evaluation.   (YorkPedia Editorial):- Newquay, Apr 7, 2020 ( – We’ve got some good news for you. Innovolo – a UK-based company that champions innovation – have today launched their online portal where anyone can upload their product ideas for evaluation. Your idea will be reviewed by a panel of experts that include technical and engineering professionals, chemical engineers, physicians, 3D designers, and more. “We’ve all been…

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Reducing the carbon footprint is not the answer to global warming

Ray Payette says that humans affect Global Warming not so much because of CO2 emissions, but because of the heat of inefficient machines. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Quebec, May 12, 2020 ( – Raymond Payette, a retired civil servant, announced today his publication of his opinion on the human cause of global warming. He believes that carbon dioxide emission is not our main contribution to global warming but that its greatest threat the heat generated by inefficient motors.   Wikipedia, that is a peer-reviewed outlet, has many articles on engine efficiencies; also Quora has…

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Biotech Health Human resources Medical Science responds to New York City call for accelerated COVID-19 testing

Startup aims to vastly increase testing capacity and throughput – starting with front-line workers (YorkPedia Editorial):- San Francisco, May 5, 2020 ( –, an emerging diagnostic startup based in San Francisco, has deployed a team to New York City to provide additional critical COVID-19 testing. The move is the first in a multi-staged strategy to make fast, safe, and routine COVID-19 available first to frontline workers, and then the broader community. The venture-backed company was founded in early March by an agile team of science, technology, and logistics experts, mobilizing in…

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