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Initiating the next 100 million users into Web3 through gamified crypto markets


One World Nation combines play-to-earn and learn-to-earn for new generation gamers

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Karnataka, India Jan 29, 2023 ( – Earning rewards on the crypto market has become more fun with One World Nation’s gamified platform. The platform is built to push the adoption of the crypto ecosystem where everyone can learn and earn while playing games that simulate the real market. With its fun fantasy game, every user is able to create a portfolio of crypto tokens represented by cute, pokemonish characters called Cryptonites. The aim is simple – Remove FUD from the current overwhelming crypto journey and make crypto learning simple, fun, accessible, and very affordable.

Through One World Nation’s android application and official website users from around the world can participate and be part of the next big fantasy crypto game. 25,000+ teams every month participate while earning stable-coin rewards along with a 43.87% MoM player growth. Elements like free-to-play, stablecoin rewards, NFT renting at 0 cost and EMI-based NFT ownership have landed this game in the top 50 games on Polygon. Just like any fantasy game – players create a team of Cryptonites and depending on the leaderboard rank, they are eligible to win from a monthly pot of $100,000!  By gamifying the crypto ecosystem, this platform is breaking down the complex concepts of the crypto market in a fun and entertaining way. 

Set up on a planet named Crypton, One World Nation is creating a Cryptoverse which offers a ‘next-level’ experience to new crypto enthusiasts. Winning money has never been this easy, but One World Nation has made it possible. Find out more about this gamified crypto world at


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