Technology Training for Everyone: Ex-Offenders Included


Know someone in need of technology training, but feel they are not able to access the necessary resources to get them started? Let us help!

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Memphis, Tennessee Jan 29, 2023 ( – We are proud to announce that KLAP Inc, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing accessible, affordable technology training in the area of electrical and electronics to all, is now offering classes to everyone, including ex-offenders.

These classes are designed to give individuals access to the necessary tools and techniques to help them become knowledgeable installers and learn to use them in the most efficient way possible. With online instruction and expert guidance, students will be guided to become proficient in the use of electrical, electronics, and other areas of construction and technology.

We believe in giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn regardless of their background, and we are especially proud of our mission to help ex-offenders access the training they need to master technology and make a better life for themselves.

Here are more details regarding this training program.

An electrical and low-voltage training program can open the door for people who have no formal experience in the field of technology to gain valuable hands-on experience, while also providing the necessary skills and knowledge needed to become gainfully employed in the field. Through this program, newcomers to the industry can benefit from learning essential concepts while on the job or off the job, while employers benefit from having employees who already possess a basic level of knowledge. This training program also provides students with specific insight into the job openings in the industry, helping them to better understand and target their search for positions. Ultimately, a training and apprenticeship program helps more people to enter a field that may otherwise be difficult to enter if pursuing formal education alone.


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Kingdom Low Voltage Apprenticeship Program (KLAP Inc)
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