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T-Bishop’s Trippy Hip Hop Songs from the New EP ‘You Aint Shit EP’ Hypnotize Us with Overwhelming Emotions



The rising rapper T-Bishop has the balanced equation of lethal charms and ingenuous romanticism that is a one-of-a-kind combination to write successful rap songs in this modern era where the love you find is too cheap and the success you pride on is too bleak. The Chicago hip hop singer is not new in the show but the new EP ‘You Aint Shit EP’ gives him a whole new level to explore. It is made of five outstanding rap songs with all the essence of club mix and classic hip hop. The tracks are the inspirations for the upcoming generation, with a colorful Chicago lifestyle in the frame.

The artist is trending for his hardened street presence in the new songs off the latest EP You Aint Shit EP. He is a man with a lion’s heart who breaths on the trouble and struggles on a new high every time. ‘Calvin Cambridge’ is the first track off the most hyped EP in his career that displays the deep layers of the emotionally crumbled man beneath his hard outer surface that the world has known him for. ‘Baller Effect’ on the other hand, has an interesting intro that instantly spread its magic to take us on a ride with the most extravagant rapper at present. Its chorus registered symphonies make it euphonious and inspiring at the same time.

T-Bishop has been previously crowned as a violent rapper who idolizes guns and power but in the latest EP, the fans shockingly get to see a softer version of the thug king who sings about love and hate as well as hope and reality. ‘No Love’ is a soft and melodious hip hop track that will get the audience on their toes with a single play. Its soft flow of music combined with his master-class love rap rants make it a heart balm before you know it. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for inspiring stories and new music.


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