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Versatile artist Shezi Rosewood highlights his vocal prowess with his new creation ‘No Sleep’


Los Angeles Upcoming Music Artist Shezi Rosewood moves in the right direction to channel his creativity and releases new track ‘NoSleep’ that supports his talent.

Shezi Rosewood goes beyond the usual hip-hop caricature to celebrate his name amongst the few artists whose taste and direction in music are highly appealing. The versatile artist designs music that is refreshing and shows his skills in a beautiful manner. The level of engagement in all his tracks remains high and the soundscapes strike with its soothing nature. Style-wise his compositions are truly commendable and offer something really unique to cherish. The artist takes more of a slow tempo and beats oriented approach in his latest creation that shows his emotive realness and also the balance he holds while performing his catchy rap. The vocal of the Los Angeles Upcoming Music Artist flickers in a way that uplifts the mood completely.

On his new track titled ‘No Sleep’, the melodic rapper performs most passionately by bending his voice and the end result is a hypnotic piece with groovy beats involved stylistically. The clear highlight of the sing remains the artist’s beautifully compelling voice that hits the conceptual side of real hip-hop and works well to prove his distinctive taste. The soothing tone and heavy beats combine perfectly to builds its impact and resonate in the listener’s mind for long. The artist has a certain significant charm in his voice that engulfs the senses and soars high with those enchanting words. The storytelling begs the listener’s attention and the superb production ids yet another highlight.

Build under the label OU:RS, the track ‘No Sleep’ continues to elevate his artistic vision and deserves to heard on loop. Shezi Rosewood is an artist, entrepreneur, and also an influential lifestyle strategist from the United States whose series of commendable collaborations has marked his name alongside artists like Kendrick Lamar, Curren$y, Jim Jones, and WakaFlocka. Moreover, the talented singer has also designed collections for high-end brands during New York Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week. He is no mood to slow down and has collaborated with several brands like Coors Light, Adidas, FedEx, amongst many others. His wish to construct music beyond imagination ahs inspired his latest track which is now available on Soundcloud and YouTube for full listen. Also, follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.

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