David Adefeso Shares Some Life Saving Financial Advice In His Recent Social Media post


Image Credits – Up News Info

Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend David Adefeso has recently shared an interesting post with his followers on his social media account. Fans were quite excited to see the post and quickly gave their opinion.

In the post, David Adefeso shares some things he wishes his 20-year old self had known. In the caption, he lists the things he wished his 20-year old self knew. He says that it is important to teach the kids some life lessons like managing credit, budgeting, savings, and investments and also some core life principles that can help to build good habits that are essential for a successful life. He asks the followers to go to his new YouTube channel to watch the full-length video and subscribe to his channel.

A fan thanked him for the post saying they will start working on the life lessons. Someone else also expressed their gratitude saying this will help the children to have a brighter future. Another follower agreed by saying that they would want their 15-year old son to connect with this kind of knowledge.

Another follower wished someone had told or taught them like this when they were in their 20’s. They had to learn their lesson the hard way.

Someone wrote that they loved the way he explained everything simply and understandably and they loved watching him. One fan asked David about the best stocks to invest in currently and enquired where they can watch his weekly lessons on money and investments.

David answered that it’s available on his new YouTube channel. He asked them to click the YouTube link in his bio. He also said, ‘I look forward to seeing you there. And don’t forget to subscribe.’

David is now assisting his girlfriend Tamar Braxton’s sister, Towanda Braxton with her skin-care product business. Towanda’s skin-care products have already gained some great reputation and David wants her to create some for men as well.


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