Deontay Wilder Defends His Heavyweight Title Against Dominic Breazeale In The First Round


Image Credits – Daily Mail

According to Latest Sports News, Deontay Wilder has again marveled his fans by retaining his heavyweight title against Dominic Breazeale in the first round achieving his ninth consecutive win.

The exhilarating match took place at Barclays Center in New York on May 18th, presenting a great expectation due to the past enmity between the boxers.

Wilder and Breazeale didn’t disappoint the fans presenting an adrenaline-pumping fight featuring one of the greatest knockouts that the audience has ever witnessed. Wilder took out Breazeale quite effortlessly, ending the fight in only 2:17.

The crowd was out of control as Wilder delivered a one-two direct at Breazeale, shocking him to the core. He was already stunned by the Wilder’s punches in those two minutes before he was knocked out. Wilder gave one of his finest performances in the match.

With this win, Wilder (41-0-1, 40 KOs) acquired 95.2 percent of the knockout rate. He now occupies the sixth place on the all-time list of title defenses, being one of the hardest punchers ever.

This was the second defeat for Breazeale (20-2, 18 Kos) with his first loss in 2016 against Anthony Joshua, one of the heavyweight champions holding the remaining three belts in the heavyweight category.

There is no news on the fight between Joshua and Wilder as both of them failed to come to an agreement upon the terms of the match. Joshua declined wilder’s offer to split the profit evenly, claiming he holds more number of belts than his American counterpart.

We can hope for a clash between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury in the near future after the later took a break for two years. And after their nerve-racking fight on December 1st, 2018, Wilder managed to keep his title despite the match being a tie.

Fury has also called out Joshua publicly for a fight claiming he is the only true champion in the heavyweight category.

According to sources, fury decided to back out of a rematch between these two despite a verbal agreement for a fight. As fury wanted to prepare for his upcoming battles, he decided to fight Tom Schwarz instead of Joshua. Due to his lack of fights, he did not want to take the risk of losing against Wilder or Joshua.

Wilder is most likely to fight against Polish fighter Adam Kownacki or Luis Ortiz, whom he has defeated previously, in his next match.


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