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Simone Accepted Responsibility For Plagiarizing And Revealed About Committing The Mistake





B. Simone has been called out through social media and after few days went away like that finally it has been addressed by her regarding the claims that were made that a small content from a work done by a creator has been plagiarized by her. The influencer went on to post on social media and addressed the fans directly about the entire scandal.

If some of the actions are missed by you in any case B.Simone came under the radar and was scrutinized after she has told Nick Cannon that she is not going to date any man who has work schedules from 9 to 5 because she has got a lifestyle of an entrepreneur. B. Simone Reveals She Did Not Write Plagiarized Book — Accepts All Responsibility Of The Mistake.

A door for a massive conversation has been opened by this and this is what she is very famous for. One of the very few items that she has sold to the ever-growing fan base that she has got is a planner that has the intention to help people in a way so that they manifest the dream that they have into something of a reality.

There was a tweet regarding the journal that went viral when it has been showing the book that has fallen apart absolutely at the seams.

After not a very long time, one of the users of social media has tweeted that the pages that belong to the book by B. Simone have been written by another person. It has been responded by the manager of the star who went on to say that they are very much in the midst of a legal battle and they are fighting it with the company to whom they have outsourced the work.

Later on, B. Simone posted on Instagram and spoke things out from the bottom of the heart.

She went on to post that she had the vision so that a book is created for all the young women out there whereby their mindset can be changed and they can manifest themselves as well as because she feels that this is the way she became quite successful in her life. She also said that this has been outsourced by her team and herself also. A team has been hired by her that is very much trusted by them. This has been thought by them that could user in her vision to life and a lot of things are done without her knowledge.

She tweeted that her career was built on complete vulnerability and transparency. Her lows and shared and the highs have been celebrated that can be very much seen by the entire world and this very moment is going to be very similar. She also said that she has been dead honest with fans always. A team has been outsourced by her like other creative personalities so that she can be helped with the arrangement of the book, the wordings, the graphics as well as the details. The team of individuals has been trusted by her to take the vision forward and it is translated into a map that can be manifested properly. Every content creator have been reached directly by her who are in a disadvantageous position and she has been doing everything so that the issue can be fixed. She can understand the frustration of the content creators entirely. She further apologized to the fans and promised them to deliver authenticity and honesty as she felt that few things happened without her knowledge as the ball is dropped by her. She further added that she wants to be a better person and a better woman who has professional ethics. She wants to take the responsibilities on her shoulder and do things successfully. She thanked those fans who supported her throughout. She vowed to make things right and apologized for everything that happened.

She further went on and accepted the entire responsibility for all the mistakes.

It has been further added by her that she contacted all content creators directly so the entire episode that led to the fiasco can be fixed. She exclaimed that it was purely unintentional and felt sorry for the content creators being fully aware of their frustrations.


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