Brian Mayes Entertainment Music 

Feel the Captivating Warmth of Traditional Gospel in Brian Mayes’s New Song ‘I Feel Like Going on Mastered’

he outstanding resonance of traditional gospel music has taken a back seat with the contemporary style flourishing in the global music scene. Determined to bring back the lost glory of vintage gospel sound, well-seasoned musician Brian Mayes has introduced the world with the hypnotic melodic charm of the genre through his latest project 18 years. The first song of the project ‘I Feel Like Going On Mastered’ brings back the nostalgic flavor of the classic musical form with a twist of his unique cadence that can only be described as breathtaking. Being surrounded…

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Tommy Wayne Entertainment Music 

Upcoming Artist Tommy Wayne’s New Song ‘Wall’ Is A Rhythmic And Thematic Blend Of Musical Purposes

Music and its various forms have blended into one steaming course of creative purposes with Tommy Wayne’s picturesque soundscape of themes and wisdom. He is identifying with the extensive proximities of music and writing a saga that pays tribute to music’s evolution through the ages. Combining the essence and musical technicalities of genres like R&B, pop, and hip hop, he is establishing a creative arc of influences from all over the places. His artistic individualism reflects in his newly released single, ‘Wall’ that brings the idea of unanimous creative flow under…

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