Find yourself Lost in Digital Grooves of Louisville Rapper MiSeR’s Latest Songs



Upcoming Louisville rapper MiSeR is recreating the definition of hip hop and rap music through his amazing tracks. This young artist is paving his way in the music industry with his tracks like Bottom, Wanting To Love and Lost. Each of the tracks has its own creative soundscape where the listeners find themselves emerging. Though his works are exclusively on the Hip hop and rap, the influence of ambient music and R&B can be noticed. The touch of his true individuality adds an extra layer of depth to the songs.

The song ‘Bottom’ has ambient digital music and a slowly progressing soundscape where the rapper shows off his talent with slow signing and rap delivery. This the recent release by him which is produced by CapsCtrl. Following this amazing track comes the song ‘Wanting To Love’ which is the huge success of his career.The song is produced by Kubsy Beats. The musical arrangement is as unique as the strong and emotional lyrics of the song. The soul-soothing guitar improvisations and voice that meanders through the rhythm comes like a package. The utilization of a child’s giggle with an emotion of wanting to love successfully generates an innocent feeling while listening to the track. The soothing guitar ending is on point and the whole track provides a mellow yet refreshing mood. Next comes the song ‘Lost’ which has a faster pace than the other two songs and feels quite engaging with its killing verses and digital music. This song is produced by Zane98.

This Louisville rapper is pursuing his dreams at the age of only 17 years. His tracks prove quite a promising career for him as he working on more projects to create more amazing tracks. Follow MiSeR over Instagram and SoundCloud to get more updates on his upcoming music and experimental works.

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