‘Bonfire Eyes’ by Peter Lake is a Groovy Love Anthem Confirming the Singer’s Stardom


New York based singer-songwriter Peter Lake foils his magnetic talent with boundless charisma to make his recent single ‘Bonfire Eyes’ a striking hit in the music world.

There’s always something undeniably charming about pop songs that make them the audience’s favorite. The way they cut across all barriers to appeal to the music fans is truly commendable and thanks to some great artists who make it possible with their downright infectious pop compositions. Considered to be one of the best in the current pop scene, artist Peter Lake has made his melody line instantly recognizable. There is a classic pop essence in the New York based singer-songwriter’s productions that immediately hooks the audience. With his enigmatic style and charismatic melodies, the singer is quickly fetching his deserved appreciation.

Peter Lake
Peter Lake

The singer has recently come to focus on his latest composition that gives away all the right reasons to appreciate his musicality. The track ‘Bonfire Eyes is a soft yet powerful love ballad etched out with perfect heartfelt lyricism that drives the listener’s attention from the very first string. How the singer uses his taste to add richness to the song speaks enough on behalf of his musical intentions. The single is dedicated to a girl and the singer appreciates her subtle beauty with all the appropriate adjectives. He sings on the rhythm of the beats and the overall experience is highly catchy and groovy, making it worthy of multiple listens.

Peter Lake is an artist who relishes mysteries and being anonymous gives him the artistic freedom to create unconfined productions. The artist’s musical influences span from Curtis Mayfield, Motown, and The Beatles, to Billie Eilish, Black Coffee, and others. He infuses brilliant elements of pop, rock, indie, and house to dazzle his creations, and the single ‘Bonfire Eyes’ is a fine example of his creative pursuit. The year 2021 seems to be playing a great deal in shaping his career and the singer is doing all the right things to cement his name permanently. Follow him on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram for more details.

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