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Peter Lake’s ‘Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm)’ pays respect to the martyred frontline heroes


Rising New York-based singer-songwriter Peter Lake creates a soulful melodic saga in his touching new soundtrack ‘Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm)’.

2020 has brought the world to a standstill with the deadly pandemic. Now with the vaccine, people are finding hope in the world filled with despair. Eminent musician Peter Lake brings a breath of fresh air with his latest single ‘Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm)’. The song is his powerful representation of the current situation. It has caused the fall of many lives in just a matter of a year. The track pays homage to the frontline workers who lost their lives while saving the mass. The sublime lyrical illustration offers inner peace to the people going through tough times.
The brilliant New York-based singer-songwriter is an experienced musician who travels between genres with great ease. Inspired by iconic artists like The Beatles, Curtis Mayfield, Billie Eilish, Motown, Black Coffee, and many more, he carefully installed both vintage and contemporary resonance in his soundscape. Combining different musical forms together, the prolific artist has established a soundscape that is the epitome of true versatility. His music has a prominent essence of electronic rhythms that enhances its acoustic majesty by ten times.

Peter Lake

The multi-talented musician wishes to stay anonymous to maintain his free spirit. His recently released single ‘Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm)’ is a rhythmic masterpiece laden with a refreshing and thought-provoking lyrical illustration. The track is a tribute to the fallen ones in the Coronavirus pandemic. It is dedicated to Dr. Osterholm, who is a member of President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board. Peter Lake is joined by famous music producer David Maurice, drummer Charley Drayton, and Guns n’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus. All the streaming profits of the song will be donated to the Frontline Families Fund. Listen to his music on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Follow him on Instagram for more updates on his future releases.

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