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American Hip Hop Artist Crunch’s Newest Single ‘Twerk & Roll’ takes You to a Dimension of Fun and Happiness


Created as a form of revolution, hip-hop music has come a long way in catering to the different moods of the audience. Determined to bring back the golden age of hip hop, established rapper Crunch has established a soundscape that is rich in nostalgic resonance. He has recently released a light-hearted groovy piece Twerk & Roll’ on major streaming platforms. The track is rich in soulful rhythms and hard-hitting rap deliveries. It opens with blissful guitar riffs that escalate seamlessly to match the exuberant rap verses performed by the artist. The beautiful contrast between the serene beats and the power-packed vocal performance creates an ambiance of pure acoustic perfection. The witty and articulate lyrical wordplay uplifts the mood of the listeners.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the multi-talented singer-songwriter grew up listening to authentic hip-hop music. Soon he started expressing himself by crafting his own verses and performing them. Inspired by artists such as Jay Z, Micheal Jackson, Prince, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, James Brown, JCole, Kendrick Lamar, and more, he has formed a soundscape, which is the reminiscent of past. He makes sure every aspect of his music, the beats, content, lyricism, and rhyming is perfect in each of his compositions. His music is most inspiring, embedding a sense of hope and comfort in the hearts of the audience. He also makes sure to break the monotony by instilling some entertaining element to it.

Working with his production house Crunch Time Ent, the young and talented hip hop artist has been delivering heart-warming rhythmic numbers throughout his musical career. The prolific artist mostly derives his thematic influences from his real-life experiences. He has recently dropped another dynamic number, ‘Twerk & Roll’ that features positive energy through its witty lyrical illustration. The feel-good flow of the song is further amplified by the old-school rhythmic cadence, achieved through thoughtful progressive arrangements. Crunch has developed an avid fan base with his other soundtracks like ‘Lethal’, ‘I’m Go’wd’, ‘Emma Damm’, ‘Outlaws Boxing Club Anthem’, and more. Visit his website and follow him on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more news on his upcoming releases.

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