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Join the Musical Journey with Poppy Womacc and his Latest Hip Hop Track ‘Aint Me’


Poppy Womacc

The new wave of hip-hop music is being enriched by the musical contributions of Poppy Womacc. The artist has come up with his latest banger Aint Me which is creating a storm in the hip hop industry. The rapper has skillfully crafted this single with his brilliant wordplay and eclectic deliverance. Complimented by an unusual musical approach, the banger has become even more unique. The musical arrangement in the track feels hypnotic enough with the hefty bass grooves and beats of digital music. The artist has well utilized the soundscape and meandered through it with his raspy vocal tone. His lyrical flow sounds dynamic as he puts an ample amount of emotions into it.

This uber-talented hip hop artist from California Poppy Womacc is making some significant progress through the industry with each of his releases. Some of his other singles like, ‘Cocaine’, ‘Heat Talkin’, ‘Benzz’, ‘Live On The Duce’, etc are some of the greatest hits from his musical arsenal. He has collaborated with TINY ROCC, BUCCO, YL Dusse, and many others to craft these masterpieces. He is consistent with his craft and creating a wave in hip-hop music with his talent, skill, and creativity.

Hailing from Los Angeles, this artist is keeping a unique approach to his listeners with clever wordplay and relatable subject matter. Taking inspiration from life and its experiences, the artist establishes his unwavering personality through the narratives of the track. The latest banger ‘Aint Me’ is the greatest example of where the artist could be seen making some confident brisk moves. The track has been produced by 420 tiesto just like his previous tracks. Currently, this artist is looking forward to crafting more tracks in the coming days of this year. Follow Poppy Womacc over SoundCloud, Facebook and Instagram to get more updates on this artist and his upcoming music.

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