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Join an Exquisite Lyrical Ballad with Alvin and His Recent Single ‘Wave’



Welcoming a fresh breath of air in the hip hop industry, Alvin has come up with his latest banger ‘Wave’. Just like its name, the track is wavey with a fluid-like smoothness in music and lyrics. The rapper has skillfully crafted this track that reflects his talent, skills, and eclecticism. Featuring a progressive digital soundscape filled with quirky moments and immersive bass-heavy beats. The artist has a heavy vocal tone that adds more weight and gritty to the track. Spacious verses along with hooky and slumberous deliverance engage the listeners quite easily. Simple yet catchy wordplay makes this banger highly relatable and enjoyable at the same time.

Hailing from Tallahassee, FL, this artist is a chill dude who likes playing games, watching animes, and making music. There is innocence in his tracks that reflects through the emotionally rich verses he writes. Some of his previous releases like ‘Tonight’, ‘Rare’, ‘Bag’, ‘High’ etc have tantalized the listeners by churning out the flavors of hip-hop and rap music. A bit of soul and trap is also blended on the way. He has also made some collaboration projects with Adam Ft j-ice like, ‘My Baby’, ‘Exotic ish’, ‘Boujee’, etc that have garnered a lot of attention. His other solo singles like ‘Blueberry’, ‘Skrt’, ‘Pure’,’ Legacy’, ’Complex’, and many others have helped him to pave his way to success.

The latest track Wave’ is carrying similar intensity and clarity with some modern improvisations. The subject matter lies in love, relation, and distance created between the partners. Indulgent and impactful, this track is recommended for all kinds of listeners around the world. Currently, this melodic rapper is looking forward to dropping more bangers to keep his creative flow going on. Follow Alvin on SoundCloud to have a taste of his amazing music collection and experimental projects.

To check out the song of Alvin, visit the given link:https://soundcloud.com/icemanflaboi3/wave


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