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‘Driving Into The Night’ By Final Judgment Scores Full Marks For Its Organic ElectroFusion Soundscape




Leading with a clear artistic sense and meandering production style to impress the audience, an artist who is setting the benchmark higher with his exquisite musical skills is Final Judgment. The London’s ElectroFusion artist fuses various genres of music to create a distinct soundscape that has never been heard in EDM before. What sets his music apart from others is the seamless confluence of electronic sounds with real instruments that offers a real engaging journey to the listener. The talented artist uses real drums and features real instruments while crafting his songs that give a massive organic feel to his creations. From guitar, piano, and bass to all sorts of other engaging instruments, the music creator wraps it all together and ties them with his creative brilliance to offer a profound musical ballad.

Driving Into The Night is the latest soundtrack released by the versatile artist that deeply explores his charismatic musical spectrum and hooks the listener with its enchanting musical web. The artist has uniquely crafted the almost hypnotic soundscape that is fueled by all organic instrumental sounds and few electronic melodies to give a contemporary polish. The faint male vocal playing consistently in the backdrop enhances the flavor of the track and gives the track an unforgettable groove. The vocals trigger various emotions and allow the listeners to freely interpret the storyline. Passion, dedication, and authenticity, are the three pillars that back his creative energy.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Final Judgment has previously released 3EPs on almost all the streaming services with the 4th one being a complete album named New Horizon. Having faced various challenges, the artist believes that one must simply never quit and keep pursuing their passion. The artist’s vision is to create music with substance that has an organic feel and the new single ‘Driving Into The Night’ perfectly captures his artistry. The music tells a story that the artist has weaved at his home studio and is gearing up to drop more such enriching compositions in the coming days. Hear him on Soundcloud and follow him on Facebook and Twitter for additional details.

Please visit here to listen to the song of Final Judgment: https://soundcloud.com/fjguimas/driving-in-the-night


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