The Exceptional Articulacy in the Songs of Eminent Hip Hop Artist SIR COG Leaves the Listeners In Awe


SIR COGMusic is the best way to interpret human emotions buried deep in the subconscious. Out of all the musical forms, the most eloquent one is hip hop. Seasoned rap artist SIR COG is reintroducing the existing hip hop fans with the authentic flavor of the genre and spreading its greatness to the potential listeners through his masterful compositions. Frustrated with the repetitiveness in contemporary hip hop, he has vowed to bring back the real flavors of the genre with his nostalgia-infused new-age melodies. The prolific artist has been creating music that bridges the gap between generations satisfying their thematic thirst.

The Dallas, Texas-based new successful hip hop artist believes in making music that has real meaning and substance to resonate with the audience. That is why he gives equal priority rhythm and lyrics in his every soundtrack, taking upon a more universal and versatile approach. He works really hard on improving his rhyming techniques and he is always adopting new styles to widen his spectrum in the global hip hop scene. His genuine passion and raw energy drive him to make original content that is admired by all. He is gradually earning his due, getting recognized by the audience and the industry.

The independent artist has made a name for himself all by himself, feverishly pursuing his dreams to become a successful hip-hop artist. His hard work has finally rewarded him with a recent deal with the major record label TKR Embassy Media that is the future of arts and entertainment in the industry. SIR COG is signed as the main artist of the label. He has given out the best performance in his recent soundtracks such as ‘No Conscious’, ‘This Ain’t No Joke’, ‘Wit My Pen’, ‘They’re Dying’, and many more. Listen to his music on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. Follow him on Facebook to know more.

Listen to SIR COG’s latest track on Soundcloud:



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