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‘Blue Eyes Is On Time’ By Judith Snow Offers an Optimistic Message with Soulful RnB Rhythms


Lyrical messages of relationships span across all genres. From rock and pop to hip-hop, love and relationship are a central theme in numerous songs, but there’s something special and unusual about artist Judith Snow’s compositions that make her stand out in the crowd. The singer is a popular Florida based female musician whose R&B and soul sounds digs deep into the listener’s soul and compel them to quest for answers that they never knew existed. With no additional polishes but absolute rawness in her vocals, the artist captivates the fans with her remarkable cadence that allows the listeners to feel her innermost thoughts and emotions.

Judith M. Snow

Simply put, when it comes to thought-provoking concepts, there’s hardly any new contender to match up to this terrifically talented R&B and soul artist. Filled with powerful lyrics, soul-stirring rhythms, and her authentic vocals, the artist has released her new song titled ‘Blue Eyes Is On Time’ that comes from her latest album The Uncontrolled: Goodmorning Quaal! The song is based on a true story and talks about the taboo relationships and the haters that come along with it. With her organic and bass-driven vocals, the singer performs with no doubles and adds an enormous amount of beauty to the soundscape with her explicit singing qualities. Breathy and unpredictable throughout, the track taps into the very best of R&B, and her mysterious wordplay makes the audio experience even more engaging.

Built under the label Judith M. Snow, few words from the song ‘Blue Eyes Is On Time like ‘They cannot destroy what they don’t know, because of you, my life is better’ imply a lot about her vast understanding of the human nature. Her healing words are treated with a wild finish that hits hard to cast a strong impression on the listener’s mind. Judith Snow is a prolific musician who holds an interest in cooking and supporting her favorite charities and travel. She is an artist on the rise and has already gathered a lot of acknowledgment from the audience. Hear her stunning vocals on Soundcloud and Spotify, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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