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Make Some Way for the Greatest MC as MCXX Has Released His Latest Single ‘NOTHING’



Fleshing out raw emotions through an emotive rapping style, upcoming rapper MCXX has come up with his latest banger. The track is titled ‘NOTHING’ and currently buzzing through the industry. Starting with soft meandering digital grooves, the track eventually gains its pace as the rapper raps along. Perfectly synced with his rhythmic and lyrical flow, the banger churns out the smooth essence of hip hop music enriched with a subtle dose of the rapper’s skills and individuality. A fair amount of eclecticism and hard-hitting bars made this single even more engaging for all kinds of listeners, especially hip hop lovers.


Hailing from Illinois, this talented Chicago rapper has just started his musical journey and there is a long way to go. However, his talent and creativity are spreading out fast and drastically. His smooth vocal adds an ample amount of warmth and weight to the tracks to make them more indulgent and attractive. The latest track NOTHING is the biggest example of his musical and lyrical approach which contains a lot of emotional turmoil. However, there is a stream of optimism intertwined which makes it even more relatable and motivating for the listeners.

Making some significant progress with the release, this emerging artist is looking forward to making more releases in the coming days of his never-ending musical career. He is one of the well-seasoned rappers in Chicago and being an inspiration to fellow rising hip hop artists. His songs are upbeat and contain a melodic punch that offers listeners a blended essence of pop and rap. He is already on the quest for his next project which is scheduled to be released soon. Follow MCXX on YouTube, and Instagram to know more about this artist and his upcoming musical projects.

Just visit SoundCloud and listen to his music:https://soundcloud.com/mc_angelo/mcxx-nothing


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