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Experience the Best in EDM with Upcoming Indian Artist DJ Zman’s Exclusive Soundscape



Upcoming artist DJ Zman is the latest name in the scope of Electronic Dance Music to create a stir among the audiences. His diverse musical display through production and remixes has established his name as one of the most potential artists in the EDM block as of now. He is a DJ who is ready to explore the new and parallel lines of the genre and give the audience a generational surprise through his music. His remixed songs and sets exemplify EDM’s contemporary flavors and strains like no other as he gets his dynamic mind behind the turntable to make the best beats and grooves out there.

The music and creative notion of Indiana Artist DJ Zman surpass known standards and incline towards an unknown and surprising territory. With music, he holds no bounds and immerses himself in its creative expressions without any hindrances. He is resilient that makes him a flexible musician ready to accept and explore anything. As he redefines EDM with his own approach and outlook, he sends out motivational themes for his audiences as well. He already has a long array of hits to his name including ‘Z Mix Vol 4’, ‘Z mix Vol 2’, ‘Z Mix Vol 1’, ‘Uphold’, and ‘Incorruptible’.

Hailing from South Bend, Indiana, artist Zack Zellers goes by his stage name DJ Zman. He has had an inclination towards music and production since a young age. He started fiddling around with basic productions on his iPad when he was just 11 years of age. However, he has grown, improved, and mastered his art, and now, there is no looking back. With his pace and exponential creative exposure, he is only reaching for the best and indulging the audience with his soundscape. For more musical stories, follow his work on Spotify and YouTube, Instagram.

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