Syed Foad Yarakh Being A Motivation For Newcomers



Recently a melody got released on digital platforms, which is getting loved by thousands of people, nowadays due to pandemic everyone is stuck at home and everyone is in search of new kind of entertainment and the team “Milli Naghma Mashup” delivers the melody at right time.” Milli Naghma Mashup” is Presented by Syed Foad Yarakh team and it is sung by Syed Foad Yarakh & Music is by his team. The Lyrics of “Milli Naghma Mashup” are really tuned catchy which makes you connect easily with the song. It has received thousands of views on Youtube Till Now and it has been liked By thousands of people.

Foad Delivers The Love with his Voice:

Syed Foad Yarakh, a popular Pakistani singer & Lyricist, hails from Faislabad, Pakistan & is currently in focus due to his traditional & Sufi tracks which are getting popular & loved by the audience very much on digital platforms. The Milli Naghma Mashup is a mixture of many ancient patriotic tracks which attract the audience very much due to their love for their country.Foad mixed them very beautifully and caught everyone around with his powerful vocals.


Who is Foad Yarakh?

He belongs to a classic High-class family, he started his career during his school days by performing in events & later during his graduation periods he started conducting his own events. The journey of Syed Foad Yarakh is Inspiring & motivating for newcomers.


Who is Motivation for Foad?

Foad gets attached to music when he was in the third standard. He shared in his one interview that, he doesn’t have any kind of musical background but his father was always attracted to music, he used to listen to songs in his free time. Along with this, he is an aspiring singer in front of his friends. He mentioned that his family supports him a lot to become a successful artist. Foad always believe in ‘Never Give Up’ this is His Self Motivation Definition
Cast, Crew & Distribution:
Song : Milli Naghma 2020 ,Singers : Foad Yarakh & Menahil Ibrar,Audio & Music : Team Syed Foad Yarakh


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