British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Confirms That There No Imposing Of Covid Curbs Before New Year’s Eve


Image Credit – India Today


The government of the United Kingdom has taken up the decision of not imposing any Covid restrictions before New Year in England. The worrying factor on the other hand is that neighboring countries Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are still trying to contain the Omicron Variant of the virus by keeping bans on nightclubs and parties.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided the matter after a series of discussions with health experts and came up with the solution that there is no need to impose further Covid restrictions or lockdowns as compulsory face coverings with masks, working from home, and checking of Covid vaccination certificates are already in place.

He went on to say,“However, I would urge everyone to continue to act cautiously given the rising number of Omicron cases. Most importantly I urge everyone to get their first, second, or booster jab without delay to protect yourselves and your loved ones,”

Sajid Javid, the UK health secretary stated the message later to the media where he also pointed out some facts saying that if people are comfortable celebrating New Year outside of their houses, they can but with all the precautions in place and it will only do good to people if they have proper ventilation indoors but he urged everyone to remain cautious and be careful. He also stated that further measures may be required from next month onwards but until then, there will be no more restrictions as of now.

This decision is whole-heartedly praised by the hospitality industry of England as they feel that they can do their business well during the New Year’s eve parties. Kate Nicholls who is the chief executive of UK hospitality praised the government by stating the decision as ‘Pragmatic and Proportionate’.She also claimed that the people running a business have been hit with losses during the Christmas period and shutting the doors on their business on New Year’s Eve would have devastated them further.

The status of Covid cases in England is that 90 percent of the cases are of Omicron variant where health experts and scientists are giving out a cautious hope by observing that on Monday the UK recorded 98,515 cases, which was a slight decrease than the previous days.

Paul Hunter, who is a professor at the University of East Anglia, expressed his desire by stating that people who are getting infected with Covid must be allowed to live their lives normally and go out in public spaces as they would do while catching a common cold.


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