American Author Teddy Konickson’s New Book, ‘Extraordinary’ Inspires you to Find the Superhero Within


Teddy Konickson

Young and talented American author Teddy Konickson has marveled the book lovers with his superhero fiction, Extraordinary. The book was launched on Amazon on April 30th this year. The book is an amazing piece of literature that tells the story of a young boy named Charles and his journey from an ordinary person to an extraordinary being with superpowers.

Charles is what society calls a nerd, who basically has no friends and social life. The day he gets beat up by a group of bullies in front of his crush changes his life forever and for good. He was left dying on the ground but something unexpected happens that prevents him from dying and gives him some unusual powers that an ordinary human being does not possess.

With his new powers, he is caught up with problems and responsibilities that give him a challenge. Now he has to prevent an apocalypse that threatens to destroy the entire world. He struggles to find a balance between his superhero gigs and his love life. The book showcases the everyday troubles of a teenage boy alongside the impending catastrophe that he has to prevent intermingled in perfect harmony.

The entertaining tone fused with the epic storyline gives the audience an intense experience that teleports them to another dimension. The incredible narrative allows the readers to picture the entire story, generating genuine emotions in them. The book has already gained praise from readers around the world.

Born in 1999, Teddy Konickson has achieved amazing heights in the literary world. His interest in science fiction and superhero stories has led him to create his own fictional universe of ‘Extraordinary’, where his imaginations come to life. The book is available on Amazon and also readers can check his website or Facebook profile to get some insights. He aspires to write more stories and share them with the world soon.


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