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The Journey and the Songs of the Artist SIR COG are Never-Ending, Songs are Available on SoundCloud


The New Successful Hip-hop Artist SIR COG has never been short of songs. His songs have the power and brilliance to make his fan go mad after him.


One of the most versatile singers of today’s generation SIR COG has never been short of songs. With his deep understanding of the hip-hop genre and skills of composing music, the artist has given some of the best songs to hip-hop music lovers worldwide. Hip-hop music which has gone through several changes after its advent has finally got one of the most deserving participants to carry forward the legacy of the genre. The artist has versatility in voice, music composition, and writing of the lyrics. Listening to his song makes a listener feel charged with sudden energy and motivation.

 The songs of SIR COG are worth remembering and praiseworthy. The song Mash Mode Freestyle is a kind song that takes a lot of energy from a singer. However, the expertise in music of SIR COG makes it feel so effortless. The background music is the key to his songs. The acute moderation of music and beats make the song so natural that it takes the listeners fully into its musical zone. The New Successful Hip-hop Artist is way ahead of his contemporaries in terms of music composition. Not only this song has his other tracked like ‘Caution Freestyle’, ‘Corn Bread Freestyle’, and other tracks witness the efficiency of his craftsmanship.

One of his best compositions till the time is May be I Do freestyle. The song showcases his power and brilliance as a songwriter. The rap of the song engages poetic techniques that help him to build the song. On the other hand, the rhetoric gave him the liberty to go so creatively with the song. All his songs are available on SoundCloud. So, listen to his songs by taking time as one cannot stop himself but binge stream the songs. To know more about him follow the upcoming music genius on his official Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify account. Moreover, his songs are also available on Spotify.

Let’s listen to SIR COG’s tracks only on SoundCloud:

May be I Do freestyle: https://soundcloud.com/sircog/maybe-i-do-freestyle

Mash Mode Freestyle: https://soundcloud.com/sircog/mash-mode-freestyle


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