Germany’s Most Successful And Honored Actor Hardy Krugar Has Died At The Age Of 93



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Hardy Kruger, considered one of the best actors of Germany has died at the age of 93. Peter Kefferlein, his Hamburg-based literary agent said about his death that it happened “suddenly and unexpectedly”. He was living in California during his last days with his third wife Anita Park, an American-born writer.

The actor started his career in 195 with the movie ‘The One that Got Away’. The movie was about a German pilot who underwent a series of daring attempts to escape the enemies and was finally successful in doing so.

His charms, his looks, and the fact he was deserted from the Nazi army helped him to get more works in the movies, even though Germans were looked upon with suspicion.

Kruger appeared in some of the adventurous and war movies in Hollywood and Germany. The list of his most popular movies includes ‘Barry Lyndon’, ‘A Bridge too Far’, and ‘A wild Geese’.

In the latter part of his career, he focused more on Travel films for German television and wrote a few books and stage performances too.

Initially, he wanted to become an engineer while in the Elite Nazi Schoo. During the time he appeared in the movie Junge Adler in 1944. His acquaintance with the older actors in the movie opened his eyes to the horror of Hitler’s dictatorship.

As the war turned against Germany, he joined Hitler’s newly formed SS division Nibelungen. He at the age of 16 got the fighting experience with the experienced troop of America.

In an interview with a renowned newspaper, he reminded the war and said, “I the war was lost. I knew there were concentration camps and that the NAzis were a bunch of criminals.

Hardy was captured by the allies and spent as a POW. Thereafter, he returned to acting thought theatres to Germany’s film industry.

His ambition and passion for movies led him to different countries; he learned English and French language and act in many foreign movies. However, the biggest breakthrough in his career came when he was noticed by Roy Baker. Roy picked him for the role of Franz VonWerra in the movie ‘The One That Got Away’.

The agent of Krugar said that the personal mission of his life was to “fight against racism and the education of young people”. He further added, “his warm-heartedness, his joy life, and his unshakable sense of justice made him unforgettable.


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