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PHOENIXX, also known as PHE/PHEPHE, is a rising musician from Sicily Island, Louisiana who currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She makes an impression on the music business as an ambitious, creative, and well-balanced musician. PHOENIXX describes her origins as a brilliant young artist in the Dallas music business, and how she is now consistently selling her music on each channel, seeking to make a difference while producing content and the community. “I’m working on My first EP and looking to release in the middle of the year. Always be on the lookout for a visual because I create them on impulse.” She mentions that her daughters are the reason her passion is so consistent. Saying that she has to work hard on her endeavors.

PHOENIXX went on to say that she wants to stay connected with people in the area and that her love for music only drives her to put up more constant efforts in the music industry. PHOENIXX can usually be seen at open mics, community outreach events, and supporting and playing for other artists in the local community right now.

PHOENIXXis an exciting figure in the music industry, having her songs available on numerous platforms her efforts have landed her success, as well as some challenges she overcame. “I’ve overcome many struggles by keeping my faith in God first, working on self-love, and taking care of my mind. I strongly believe that our mind controls so much of how we feel even through our darkest moments.”

.As a result of the outbreak, some artists had tremendous obstacles in 2021, and various measures implemented at the local and federal levels banned a large number of events involving large crowds, like concerts and festivals, from taking place. The number of possibilities for artists to demonstrate their abilities was limited as a result. PHOENIXX’s attention is now concentrated on continuing to pursue her musical career in order to deepen her foundation even more than it already has been. PHOENIXX draws inspiration from artists such as Erykah Badu, Tupac Shakur, and Ella Fitzgerald. She has her sights set on the prize and is eager to make a difference not just in the community but also on the stage.

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