Member of Conclavio Reveals Truth About Damian Prosalendis’s Greek Academy For Business & Investing




I have to say a few things regarding Damian Prosalendis group known as Conclavio to inform prospective members who are considering joining this “online academy” and success club.

I originally joined the greek millionaire’s group Conclavio in January 2022 when I learned that SlidisMode, Dantekk and other well-known Greeks in the fitness space who I follow are members. For a while I also saw Thanos Alibakis inside, although he was not very active.

I thought about it for many weeks of course before paying the subscription for Conclavio, because I am generally cautious with my money. I was afraid that Conclavio could be a scam. Maybe it was also a matter of ego because I couldn’t tolerate that someone like Prosalendis, younger than me, had achieved so much.

Also, everything that Prosalendis said about universities, how they are a waste of time and all you get is a sheet of “toilet paper” that is framed on your wall, deeply offended me. I am educated and I have an income thanks to my studies. I don’t make much but I have my apartment, food on the table and my friends.

So being told by a newly rich young man that I made a mistake by studying for so many years bothered me. After much thought and self evaluation, I realized he was right about some things, although his argumentative manner didn’t quite convey it.

I had spent 10 years of my youth in uni, then post graduate studies, and internships working 10 hour days for a basic salary. I felt inside me that I wanted more. So I decided to see what’s actually going on in Conclavio, if it’s a scam or not.. After all, when I go out I will spend the same money as the monthly subscription for Conclavio, and I don’t get anything beyond temporary entertainment.

I messaged the Conclavio Instagram profile and Damianos himself replied. He was very kind and answered 1-2 questions I had. I signed up for Conclavio the same day from the Conclaviobot on Telegram. This is the platform the group operates on.

I was amazed at how well organized it is. Once I paid I didn’t wait a minute to access it. Without any delay I had immediate access. We’ve all had experiences where we buy something and take a long time to get our hands on it. But in this case, this is not the case for Conclavio. Time is indeed money and I didn’t waste any.

You can imagine Conclavio like a digital university campus, where you have a class for each course. For example I joined the Great Room, which was for general entrepreneurship and self-improvement discussion, the Beginner Room where I learned the basics of cryptocurrencies even though I was completely new to the subject, and complementary rooms like the one about NFTs, Affiliate Marketing and more for other ways to generate income online .

There was so much information that I had a bit of an existential shock at first and felt a bit lost, but eventually I found my footing with the Guides (in PDF format) and the welcome message that gave me direction in my initiation into the Conclavio group.

One thing I didn’t like about Conclavio is that the guides don’t cover everything and I felt like there were gaps in my knowledge. I was patient though and didn’t expect a guide to feed me all the information I should know. In university you have dozens of courses and books to finish and you don’t get fully qualified until you do an internship, so how can I not expect to be an expert within the first month just by reading some PDFs in my spare time?

Of course, from March onwards, Prosalendis organized video call training with live learning for all the members in the Conclavio group. So you can come in and ask what you want, either him or the other Instructors, who from what I understand are old members of Conclavio that Prosalentis trained to help new students. This was one of the reasons I continue to pay my monthly subscription for Conclavio every month, because I see it getting better and better. Damianos listens to the negative feedback from the members and improves the academy. He is strangely active every day, something they didn’t expect especially, considering he doesn’t have to be with so many experienced members and his Instructors inside the Academy of Conclavio.

That all sounds nice, but the main question regarding Conclavio is whether it will make you money. Education is good, but the reason you enroll is to change your financial situation.

Because I already have an income and limited time at my disposal, I browse the lessons in Conclavio from my phone especially when the boss isn’t above my neck, and then during the afternoons that I have completely free. So we are talking about part-time involvement with the subject. I also decided not to invest my money in cryptocurrencies or NFTs, because for me it was something completely unknown and I was afraid to risk any money other than the cost of the Conclavio membership.

The suggestion that Prosalendis and the Instructors gave to those starting out with no money, was to ignore the Signals Channel. Signals are the investment moves that Prosalentis makes and you can see them in real time. However, he emphasizes that signals ain’t financial advice and that you should not copy them blindly especially as a beginner, so I did not see them as a means to become a millionaire in a month, but I tried to learn how he thinks by studying them.

I just watched, and saw that they were quite profitable with consistent successes and a few wrong predictions. I was tempted to follow them, but I was patient because I was afraid I wouldn’t make any stupid mistakes due to being an amateur.

In the meantime, I chose one of the ways Conclavio suggests to “make money without money”. This is something I didn’t think was possible, because I had in my mind the idea that you need money to make money, a belief which I learned in Conclavio that is one of the “poor people traps”.

At this point I was 3 months in the academy of Conclavio without getting anything out of it, and I had a couple of buddies who were telling me, you know, “I told you so, waste of time”, although with the signals I could have already covered the subscription cost. But I had learned a lot about NFTs and decided to focus on them. In early April, Damianos and the Instructors informed us that the best opportunity for making money at that time was in Solana blockchain NFTs.

He had also made some videos on his Ekatommyriouxos YouTube Channel that proved how he made $40,000 in March with these NFTs. After 3 months in Conclavio I felt like my time had come. That month in Conclavio  we were going after “NFT whitelists” which we could sell for $50-$200 each. Whitelists are like tickets that give you entry into the pre-sale of a new NFT.

It doesn’t matter if you buy the NFT because you can simply sell the Whitelist, i.e. the ticket for the pre-sale. In April I amassed over 10 whitelists with the methods I learned in the live training sessions inside Conclavio. By selling the Whitelists  I collected around 1250 euros, without risking my own capital. In the following months I continued to sell NFT whitelists but I only made 300-400 euros per month because the crypto market in general was down.

So after 6 months in Conclavio, I had collected a small piggy bank even though I started as a complete beginner in all this, and did it in the afternoons after my work shift. I certainly didn’t become a millionaire or even financially independent, but the fact that I’m making extra income from my computer makes me extremely satisfied.

I believe that after 1-2 years of study in Conclavio I will be making a full income and will be able to work entirely from my home. That’s all from me about Conclavio and I hope I helped.

I think Conclavio is worth the small monthly subscription as long as you have realistic expectations of what it will give you, as I’ve seen some people get disappointed from the 1st month because they weren’t making as much as Prosalendis. It makes sense not to get the same results, as someone who’s been doing it full time for many years and has deeper pockets than you. But if you have patience and persistence, I believe that Conclavio helps you achieve your goals of extra income, and it’s definitely not a scam, but like everything in life it gives you what you give it.




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