Know How to Use Press Releases As Testimonials For Your Business


Use Press Releases As Testimonials For Your Business

The importance of vouching is greater in terms of business since it creates more credibility in the market. When the media or a potential client vouches for your business, it automatically gains more exposure and popularity from the niche. The potentiality of press releases in marketing and other prospects of business is not unknown to marketers and business owners. However, it can also work as a potential element for testimonials.
Testimonials are usually generated in many ways, such as

• Customers –100% satisfied and happy customers are more likely to share some good words about the services

• Experts in Niches – expert opinions from the niche industry and communities can create a ‘Halo Effect’ for your business.

• Celebrity Endorsement – Well, it is a pretty expensive option to opt for so better not to proceed if you are out of budget

• Media and other organizations

Surely, the fore mentioned options are quite fruitful but when it comes to consistency, there is nothing that can beat the press release. You can Use Press Releases As Testimonials For Your Business which is more effective as a plan. When your business is mentioned regularly in the positive light of the media and reputed newswires, it will definitely become a popular name in the market. Integration of PR is no less than a gold endorsement since it helps to shape the perspective of the public regarding your business and services. Let’s take a better view of how it can be properly utilized.

How press release can serve the purpose of a testimonial?

Testimonials are considered authentic information regarding a business and its services which is further followed by other clients and customers around the world. It helps to build a healthy reputation for the company and therefore it should be dealt with utmost care and professionalism.

• Credible Media Sources

Online press releases are usually distributed over top-tier newswire and credible media outlets to make sure they can reach a maximum number of target audiences. When a document is featured and published over a reputed platform, it automatically churns out more authenticity as a credible source is publishing positive content regarding your business. As a result, it helps to gain more organic web traffic.

• Consistent Positive Reports

While testimonials are generated only after a client has purchased a product or service; PR can be generated anytime you want. It definitely has to have a compelling angle of story and brand details in it, but it does not have to wait for an opportunity to publish. PR campaigns can be done at a regular interval and it does not even cost that much since the prices are fairly reasonable. Thus, the PR as testimonials can be generated frequently that work as positive feedback.

• Reputation Management

Positive testimonials are considered the greatest element of reputation management for a company. Sometimes there are negative comments and rumors arrive due to the highly competitive field. Just like testimonials, press releases can help to manage the reputation of the company by making more distribution in this critical time. Press Release helps to bring forth and focus on the positive aspects of the company that gradually diminishes the bad reputation while shedding a more positive light on the organization.

• Authentic Information

Press Released is considered authentic information that cannot be faked and or duplicated. When such a PR is published through a reputed media outlet, it is considered a reliable source of information even more than a client testimonial. Thus, it can work quite well when it comes to gaining the trust of the customers.

Some tips to utilize the press releases effectively

• Add a twist – While crafting a PR, it is important to craft with a compelling angle or add a ‘twist’ to the story that makes readers engaged in the content.

• Language – keep the language simple and crispy to make sure it can put an impact on a larger audience. It should have a positive and journalistic tone as well.

• Use other strategies for distribution – though you can distribute to various platforms, make sure all of them are relevant to your business and industry. You can also use Google alerts, Yahoo answers, reputed blog posts, customer surveys, and other options for distribution as well.

No matter which industry you are working in, the competition is high everywhere. So, if you want to stand out and gain positive testimonials; start with your PR strategies the right way.


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