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Companies Can Take Advantage of the Best Press Release Site IssueWire to Distribute PR


Best Press Release Site

IssueWire is now offering one of the most effective distribution services to organizations and individuals. Press releases are used to spread newsworthy information to the press and journalists so that they can create a story about it and publish it to the general mass. This information is about the brand and these press releases aim to gain positive media coverage and publicity.

However, distributing them is not easy as most of the time the press releases end up in spam folders or are ignored by the busy media personalities and journalists. This is why it is recommended to businesses and entrepreneurs hire the best press release site like IssueWire that will take responsibility and distribute the press releases to media outlets for more effectiveness.

Well, if you work for a company and are looking for press release distribution and publicity for your company, this agency will help you get genuine media coverage and huge exposure. IssueWire has more than 150 media outlets and magazines along with major news outlets. This agency will also monitor the press releases submitted to them and edit them if necessary.

IssueWire has more than 110 guaranteed media partner websites that will also cover press releases if you opt for its services. Along with the guaranteed media coverage and attention of journalists, availing the services of IssueWire will also guarantee clients their press releases ending up on Google News along with Apple news and other news sites. You can also check the packages like – Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier Pro, and Tire 2 Pro and buy the suitable one for your company.

They also have a service named traditional newsroom that assists the clients bring their content to one place. In these newsrooms Events, Press, News, and company details can be listed so that the clients have the efficiency to operate further. The company also provides a pdf format for each press release and on the website; clients can review the data such as demographic readers, a list of media sites where press releases are distributed, etc.

About the company:

IssureWire is a reputed international press release agency that offers press release distribution along with quality writing and editing. It offers services in the form of packages and at an affordable price range. To know more about their services and packages, visit them at


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