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From Military to Music Compc is Delivering Some Captivating range of Impressive Lyrics and Musical Styles



Witness the seamless combination of energetic and smooth musical proficiency, Compc is winning over the world with his prolific rapping styles and dominating beats.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- San Antonio, Texas Jan 11, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – This is the story of the brilliant music artist Compc. He is brilliant in every aspect of music, from his gripping musical styles to his impressive techniques of beat incorporation. He has been exceeding this form of art with his skills. After spending 9.5 years in the Military Services, Rashaad Compton, embarked upon this journey of music. After spending years of successful services his works in the musical field have been truly enlightening for this generation. His deep narrations accompanied by his beats are very impactful.

He started this new venture under the newly founded production group Po Boi Production. With them, and guidance from Anahnumus, he has been releasing his numbers and making the world groove to his captivating music. His impressively made number ‘Relapse’ is a unification of gripping narrations and a wonderful musical scene. Being seasoned with military severity his passionate lines were truly motivating and relatable at the same time. Being widely inspired by several hip-hop legends his works also possess gravity and captivating elements.

His artistic gifts have found refuge in the gravity of hip-hop and rapping qualities. Some of his widely enjoyable numbers are ‘Open Mic Flow’, ‘Demo Flow’, ‘Spell It Right’, ‘Swang of Thangs’, ‘Fa Ya Mind’, and ‘Say That Then’. His music releases are truly captivating and any music lover will surely fall for his overwhelming musical scenes. He surely will be back with his individual thoughts on life and its hardship. He will be back with more releases including collaborations. Witness the musical journey of Compc on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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