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Rising Star from Baltimore: Introducing the Diverse Sound of [Shina2Raw] to the Hip Hop Scene”


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Baltimore, Maryland Jan 18, 2023 ( – New Artist from Baltimore, Maryland Set to Wow the Music Scene

Music fans across the nation are invited to experience a brand-new sound that is captivating the ears of many. Originating from the city of Baltimore, Maryland, emerging artist Shina2Raw is making his debut in the music world and is ready to shake it up.

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Shina2Raw is no amateur when it comes to music. He has been recording and producing his own music for over 10 years and has had the skill to outshine many other great artists within Baltimore and surrounding areas. Shina has recently shaken the music scene with previews of his first EP, “The Sun God,” which includes five hit singles and they are songs that get the blood pumping and keep the vibes in the air LIT!, complimented by his amazing lyrics and vocals. The Sun God takes listeners through the void and then shakes them back into reality, much of which can be attributed to Shina’s vivid and honest approach to songwriting.

Shina2Raw musical presence has been nothing short of impressive, as he has been featured in community newspaper articles and magazines.  Though Shina2Raw’s passion is unquestionable, he desires to have his music heard by the world and is inviting everyone to join him in his musical quest.

The city of Baltimore is known globally for its beauty, history, and rich culture. Adding to its amazing artist and connoisseurs.


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