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The Groundbreaking Dark Comedy Thriller ‘Why? Endhuku?’ Is Now Streaming Online



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Hyderabad, Telangana Jan 14, 2023 ( – Movies that do not have big budgets are not usually expected to have a big audience, because of the lack of awareness and branding. However, one of the most impressive independent movies of 2022, ‘Why Enduku?’ is breaking this norm. The positive response that the movie is getting after its release on streaming platforms is both unexpected and deserving. The director, Reddy Sripad has done an exceptional job at storytelling and portraying his creativity on the big screen that has created standards for upcoming independent movies.

The dark comedy, perfectly paired with a psychologically thrilling storyline will surely inspire independent storytellers to come forward and give stunning presentations in the future. The movie is now streaming on multiple platforms and it has truly gone international. The global audience can have the unique experience of watching this movie on Amazon Prime Video USA, Tubi Tv, Hungama Play, and MX player in India. The director and producer Reddy Sripad have crafted this storyline with utmost perfection and portrayed a story of a young writer, currently stuck in writer’s block along with three men and their high career ambition. It shows that even on a tight budget, and with minimum equipment, a creative person will showcase his talent and nothing can stop it. Read about it more at

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