David Robertson, MD, an Endocrinologist with Atlanta Diabetes Associates

Get to know Endocrinologist Dr. David Robertson, who serves patients in Georgia. (YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Jan 26, 2023 ( – A fellowship-trained endocrinologist, Dr. Robertson is a Partner at Atlanta Diabetes Associates and has been with this practice since 1998. He also serves as an attending physician at Piedmont Hospital Atlanta.  In addition to general endocrinology, his practice focuses on metabolic risks for cardiovascular disease and endocrine disease in transplant patients. He has a particular interest in thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, pituitary disease, adrenal dysfunction, and complications of type…

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Manufacturing Textile 

Shenzhen Oyea Machinery Co., Ltd Ten-side (decagon)Tungsten carbide blades for CNC machines with a rotary cutting tool

ATOM Zund Bullmer iEcho Kuris Esko Kongsberg Artisto Gerber MCT Lectra MFC Ten-side (decagon)Tungsten carbide blades for CNC machines with a rotary cutting tool (YorkPedia Editorial):- Arkadelphia, Arkansas Jan 26, 2023 ( – OYEA Blades made of cemented carbide with higher hardness, ensuring its long service life. The blade is ideal for cutting such materials as: Felt, Nylon fabric, Fabrics, Polyester fabrics, Aramid fibers, Glass fibers, Carbon fibers, Non-woven fabric, Glass mats, Composite mats. LongLife segmented knife for textiles – cutters: Zund: Z50 ( 3910335 ), Z51 (3910336 ), Z52 (391033), Bullmer…

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