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Garang Wachbaar: The Young South Sudanese YouTuber And Musical Artist Working With Top Talent


Garang Wachbaar

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Central Equatoria, South Sudan Feb 8, 2023 ( – Daniel Garang Wach Kuol known by his stage name as Garang Wachbaar is a South Sudanese Musical Artist, Songwriter and YouTuber.

Early Life.

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Garang was born on 07th May 2001 in Eastern Equatoria State-Lobone, South Sudan.
He was introduced to the music industry and launched his first music on Spotify. After a month, he released his music to many other international platforms like Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok  and Instagram. Garang who embodies joy and shares the light of his beautiful loving heart to his people works and sings for the love, peace and unity of his country.

Music Career.

Garang is best known for his singles which got him more streams on many other music streaming platforms.
Singer and YouTuber, Garang who has been singing for the past three years and made his way to the top in the world of music had his music Career opposed by his parents and siblings before his breakthrough, they said, “Artists can’t get stable life it won’t help you or pay your bills rather than just focusing on your education” Garang decided not to give up in any condition thus he said he would do both of them Music and education, teachers always motivated him until he worked so hard and got scholarship where he is now advancing his learning skills in one of the best universities in Africa – Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.


Junub Adik

Muor Weng

Johnson Jok

Nyankol Mathiang

Johnson Jok Hits 

External Links.

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Media Contact

Garang Wachbaar


South Sudan

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