The film Lonely Warrior won the Best Short Film Award at the London Classic Film Festival


Cardiff, Feb 9, 2023 ( – In January 2023, the closing ceremony of the fifth London Classic Film Festival ended successfully. The plot short film Lonely Warrior stood out and won the “Best Short Film Award”.

The film is directed by Li Kang and Wang Jie, directed by Dai Qi, planned by Jicheng Wang , and produced byLi Zhang . Children actors Muchen Ke , Xifei Huang, Chuyu Wang , Wanning Li , Lexuan Liao , Zhong Xue, andZinian Zhu , who have been auditioned in the JIANGSU province, are also invited to participate in the special performance.

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It is understood that “Lonely Warrior”, a feature film, has been selected and selected from hundreds of excellent works in the London Classic International Film Festival. The film was recognized by the organizing committee of the film festival and won this honor because of the hot topics that call for people to explore how to pay attention to, listen to the voice of children and pay attention to their growth.

This film won such a high honor at the International Film Festival of the London Classic Film Festival, which is the affirmation of the International Film Festival to the Chinese children’s drama films, the affirmation of the film’s children’s leading actors, and the affirmation of the activity drama short films focusing on children.

According to the crew of Lonely Warrior, as a children’s theme film, the crew is very cautious about the plot design and actor selection. The plot design has been discussed for two months, and the actor selection has been conducted for several weeks. Finally, the children’s leading role in the film has been determined. For the presentation effect of the plot, senior actors have been specially invited to join the performance.

With the guidance and support of the Institute of Film and Television Arts of Suzhou University, the School of Culture and Management of Nanjing Media College, and the School of Art of Anhui University of Finance and Economics, the film script was prepared for three months, and the preliminary preparation of the film took five months.

It is reported that the theme content of the feature film Lonely Warrior focuses on the “growth”, “aesthetics” and “love” of teenagers, and covers topics such as “children’s loneliness”, “children’s social relations”, “children’s education”. How to protect the growing children, pay attention to and listen to the children’s own voice, is the question that the film always ponders, and is also the original intention of this public welfare feature film.

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