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Lex Ventura releases Garage Band Rocker album


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“These tunes were crafted for devotees of retro influenced rock, dance and pop”
– Lex Ventura


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Peterborough, New Hampshire Feb 7, 2023 ( – California indie artist Lex Ventura announces the February 18 release of “Garage Band Rocker,” a 12-track album of retro-influenced rock, dance, and pop tunes. Standout rockers include “Queen of the Mosh Pit,” “Garage Band Rocker,” and “So I’ll Rock On.” Lex’ psychedelic influences resonate on the trippy “Be Your Fantasy,” “Voodoo Time Warp,” and “Deep in my Dreams.” His traditional R&B chops sizzle in “More Love to Give,” and “Free Time.” And he goes full-tilt 60s pop in “You Slipped her Mind.” Dedicated to the analog sensibilities of classic rock, the album was produced to evoke the garage band soundscape of yesteryear.

A long-time veteran of the indie scene, Lex Ventura has spent years developing a new sound incorporating genres such as R&B, Synth Pop, Psychedelia, and Surf music. His outstanding artistry has generated support from all over the music industry for his refreshing releases such as “Play me a Banger,” “Mick The Monkey,” “Wheres Da Party” and “Life Force Baby.” Evoking the iconic sounds of Talking Heads, the B-52s, and The Doors, Lex Ventura rocks on.

Flashsteps Audio is the distributor of Lex Ventura music through All Garage Band Rocker tracks are currently posted on Soundcloud.

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For more information about Lex Ventura or his official bio, please contact Lauron Lewis as listed above or below.

Lex Ventura

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