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Drew The Dream’s ‘Laid Back’ Carries Listeners into a Dozy realm of Comfort Music


Drew The Dream

The latest song by Drew The Dream ‘Laid Back’ lives up to its title as it creates a languid soundscape where listeners can let loose and chill to the calming beats.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Columbia, South Carolina Feb 14, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Creating the perfect concoction of dreamlike sound design with a laid-back and sleep-laced vocal delivery, the talented singer Drew The Dream has released his new single ‘Laid Back’. The song creates a cozy late-night vibe when one feels the first advent of sleep at the end of a long day and all one wants to do is relax and chill. The opening music of the track induces a soothing aura about the song while the bass and reverb-soaked track meander into a comfort corner deep within the psyche of the listeners. Delicate waves of synths bubble up and wash over the listeners, soothing them to the core. The insomniac dream vibe that the song gives off teleports listeners into a soothing sonic realm while they lose track of the surroundings, immersing themselves entirely into the flow of the steady rhythms.

The song is instantly calming and rejuvenates listeners, effectively portraying the creative sublimity of the artist when it comes to composing a track where a wide range of audience would find relevance. The track creates a trippy ambiance that the listeners embrace welcomingly. Unlike over-the-top and blaring hip-hop music of the day, this track keeps the passion intact while having a tranquilizing effect on the hearers. The vocals of the singer emerge in sync with the mood set by the music – there is a somnolent effect in them that adds to the quietude of focus and gentleness of rhythm. The verses cascade down with a poetic effect while the lyrics remain contemporary and relevant. A strange familiarity engulfs the song that makes the audience steadfastly engaged. As soon as the song breaks, listeners awake, as if from a dream, but the enchantment is hardly broken as they go back for the experience time and again.

With ‘Laid Back’, Drew The Dream cracks the code to create a unique track, so meticulously crafted that it becomes a pleasant earworm for all listeners. This brilliant musical piece is available for streaming on YouTube along with his other masterpieces like ‘Lie to Me’ and ‘Begging for Distance’. Check him out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates.

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