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The Promising Rock Band Swilly Treats Their Fans with The Palatial Music Video of ‘My Song’


Swilly Swilly

The awe-inspiring rock band Swilly has never been afraid to push their musical boundaries and this time they are treating fans with the new music video of ‘My Song’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Kitimat, British Columbia Feb 22, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – The Canadian American rock band Swilly brings a whole new approach to rock music and the newly released music video of their impressive song captures the real nature of the band. The music video of My Songstays true to its meaning and the entire video is dedicated to the fan base of the brand. It is truly the song of the fans and it celebrates the joy and enthusiasm of the fans and listeners. Without even appearing in most of the videos the band’s clever way of including themselves through the fans enjoying their concert is something that is appearing to be interesting for the audience. On top of that, even without being in the video for long, the stronger-than-ever presence of the music band on the screen is worth watching.

The musicality of the song follows an upbeat composition, just as anyone would expect a rock song to be. The upbeat music is perfectly complemented by the guitar riffs and the bass is something that is enough to create an enchanting ambiance for the audience. The music video has been released on YouTube and in this short period, it has already gained more than a thousand views. It proves that the music video can very well be responsible for putting the band’s name more prominently in the global music industry. The fans of the band were waiting for the release of the song and the official music video and upon release, it was welcomed wholeheartedly by the fans. ‘My Song’ is the ideal example of an upbeat rhythm paired with energetic composition and exquisite talent which makes it even more successful on its own.

The music video is uploaded on the video streaming platform under the label Swilly and welcomes the audience with a positive and energetic vibe. This half-Canadian and half-American rock band includes members from Nanaimo, Kitimat British Columbia, Toronto, Ontario, and Centennial, Colorado. Steven Williams is the frontman of the rock band and is also the singer and songwriter whose nickname also inspired the band’s name. Other than him, guitarist Kevin Campbell, drummer Carl Holz, bassist Doug Adair, and occasional keyboard player Jason Long are also in the band. The music video is out on YouTube and for more insights into the band and their music, follow them on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

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