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1S1K SeanMario Gifts Hip Hop Lovers a Musical Treasure Trove in His New Album ‘A Shot In The Dark 2’


A Shot In The Dark 2

The music virtuoso 1S1K SeanMario collaborates with an array of talents in his new hip-hop album ‘A Shot In The Dark 2’ comprising seven distinctive musical gems.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Nashville, Tennessee Feb 27, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Bringing to hip-hop lovers a brilliant dreamlike album, where the talented singer Sean Mario Patterson or 1S1K SeanMario fuses a most mellifluous vocal delivery with a gritty and awakening ambiance, A Shot In The Dark 2 is a true example of unadulterated musical finesse. This album comprises 7 brilliant tracks, where the singer collaborates with artists like his high school friend Darin Abston Jr “DJ ThaGr8”, Douglas “Superman” Ivory, Eric “EricJ” Jordan, Kidd Kasey, and vasha to create one of the most versatile hip hop collections of all time.

‘Blow Your Mind’ begins on an intriguing note that embraces listeners into a comfortable and amiable soundscape that is easy on the ears and free of a blaring urgency. The gentle pace allows listeners to fully absorb the essence of the lyrics and admire the deft wordplay the artist showcases. ‘The World on Drugs’ takes on a more upbeat pace as it deals with some of the most serious themes as the gritty verses pave their way into the minds of the listeners. ‘Realize’ is an unrivaled creation featuring a fast-paced flow of emotive verses, taking listeners into a little darker and more distant realm of musicality. In ‘Foreign’, he brews the perfect concoction of timeless hip-hop with the free-style grandeur that is the very essence of the genre. While ‘Easier That Way’ teleports the audience into a contemplative zone of elevated musicality, ‘901615’ stands out in its rhythmic execution that is almost poetic. ‘Laundry’ turns out to be one of the most distinctive songs of the artist, accentuated by the unrelenting guitar riffs that grab the unwavering attention of listeners.

Finding his passion for music early in his life, 1S1K SeanMario turned to hip hop during his deployment to Iraq upon joining the army, and his ‘A Shot In The Dark 2’ attests to the unconditional love he possesses for his art. Check out this amazing album, along with his other creations like ‘Wildcard’ and ‘No Likes’ on Spotify. His music is available for streaming on SoundCloud and YouTube. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram for more.

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