Latinos unite lifting their culture to the platform it deserves using social media!


Dean Huertas Social Media Influencer


Some of the largest Hispanic social media platforms teamed up to announce the launch of La Formula Media Group & their streaming platform, Formula+. Their mission? “Community & Culture”.


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Latinos unite lifting their culture to the platform it deserves using social media!

Some of the largest Hispanic social media platforms teamed up to announce the launch of La Formula Media Group & their streaming platform, Formula+. Their mission? “Community & Culture”.

Committed to building with and for Latinos by creating all new opportunities & giving them the platforms they deserve, they partnered with some of the largest social media influencers; Dean Huertas, Beatriz Santiago, Shawnick Rodriguez, PRStrongWepa, BoricuaShabbyChic, Puerto Rican Flags Up, LatinNightLive, MLB, FIFA, NFL teams, eSports platform & more. Latinos are here and they’re making waves.

Their dedication to this community was recognized by 116th Street Festival naming them their “Official Social Media Partner” and their 1st ever Social Media Influencer Float at the 2022 Puerto Rican Day Parade NY to an audience of 1.5M made history!

Determined to move the mountains that face this community they provide direct support to Mi Patria, The Cristian Rivera Foundation, The Roberto Clemente Foundation & Helping Hands for Puerto Rico to ensure the community is a part of everything they touch!

“This community no longer has to wait for their opportunities, we’re creating them!” – David Pagan

“La Formula Media Group answered the call of the Latin community and we’re just getting started!” – David Aviles

Formula+, the platform Latin audiences asked for & deserve!”

La Formula is offering audiences free registration for their cutting-edge streaming platform, Formula+, filled with original content launching in April 2023!


Founder of PuertoRicanFlagsUp, Executive Vice President of the PR Social Media Relief Team, and small business owner, David is a community-driven Social Media Influencer committed to helping the Latino Community. On non-profit committees from NY to PR, he’s the driving force behind PRSMaRT and Mi Patria fundraisers.


Community Pros Consulting and LATiN NiGHT LiVE Founder; David has a long record of bringing local businesses & communities together. His decades of sales, digital marketing & multimedia production experience are now used to give the culture he loves, the platforms they deserve with partners at La Formula Media Group.


Founder of PRStrongWepa, BoriquaShabbyChic & President of PRSMaRT; Mayaguez born, Bronx raised, Will’s love for this culture came from summers with his great grandmother in PR. He brings decades of experience in finance, business development, sales, marketing, and social media to help Nuestra Gente Puertoriquena.

“For years our founders have been in a unique position to interact with this community about their greatest passions, needs, and pain points. It’s 2023, we have everything at our disposal to build a future filled with a representation of our diverse culture. The mission is clear, the time is now!”

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