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The Cog Rock Duo Dante’s View Churns out a Plethora of Smashing New Songs


Dantes View

The promising Cognizant Rock duo Dante’s View emphasize their love for desert aesthetics in their four new songs: ‘Wrong’, ‘From Afar’, ‘Urgent Call’, and ‘Just Another Guy’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Sacramento, California Mar 5, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Bringing together a deep sense of band unity and strength of songwriting, the Cog Rock duo Dante’s View brings together a wide array of musical flavors enriched with the passion the artists share for the desert. The two talented musical souls JL “Pepe” Espada, a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Northern California, and Stacy James, a guitarist, and songwriter based in Southern California, have dished out four new songs ‘Wrong’, ‘From Afar’, ‘Urgent Call’, and ‘Just Another Guy’, swaying the audience with their rapid power chords and quick riffs, faultless drumline, and bold vocal leads.

The depth of the themes that each song deals with shows the artistic genius of the artists who pour out their hearts into the verses that create an instant hook for the listeners. ‘Wrong’ and ‘From Afar’ invoke the classical grit of hard rock into a stormy ambiance of electrically charged music as the raw and passionate vocals of the artist sear through into a vastly energetic realm of sublime musicality. ‘Urgent Call’ showcases a comparatively slower lyrical pace but at the same time a greater intensity with a chant-like progression and an outright instrumental satisfaction. ‘Just Another Guy’ is another ambitious project of the duo that takes on a staunch stance in its moral alignment and switches gears into a more personal soundscape of reflective and mellow contemplation.

With their stylistic and aesthetic foundation on the Desert Rock scene of Southern California, the lyrical awareness of Seattle’s Grunge movement, and the DIY approach and fierce independence of the Dischord bands of Washington DC, Dante’s View has carved out a unique distinction for itself, evident in tracks like ‘Rocks Keep on Rolling’ and ‘Rattler’s Pride’. Check out these amazing tracks on Spotify, and follow the duo on Instagram for all new updates.

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