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North Carolina Music Band Apollo Craven Sums up an Unforgettable Musical Experience


Sapphire Blue by Apollo Craven

The two new songs by the North Carolina music band Apollo Craven titled ‘Beautiful Girl’ and ‘Sapphire Blue’ bring to the fore the aesthetic essence of their genres.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Winston-Salem, North Carolina Mar 7, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Creatively pure story-telling soaked in indie and alt-rock roots comes alive in the two new songs, Beautiful Girl and Sapphire Blue, by the innate musical souls, Apollo Craven, who deftly capture the raw emotion and progression of indie-rock and unload a colorful wave unto the souls of the listeners. The passion of the verses comes to life with the soulful strains of the artists who hold back nothing when it comes to showcasing their creative genius and render an infectious optimism in their songs and sweeps them away into the melodic groove.

There is a subtle familiarity in the song that invokes a touch of nostalgia and the authenticity of the performance gives the songs a distinctive quality and character. ‘Beautiful Girl’ incorporates all the qualities of a timeless classic with the soothing guitar riffs and the mellow instrumental scheme makes for an easy and summery listening experience. The song invokes an aesthetically pleasant and arid imagery that gives off a chill vibe. ‘Sapphire Blue’ is the remastered and re-released version of the 3rd track on the album Sessions in the Sun originally published March 21st, 2013. The song encapsulates perfection in the three minutes and thirty-four seconds of its playtime while audiences are left mesmerized by the depth of the lyrics and the soulful tonal quality of the North Carolina music band

The best part about Apollo Craven’s music is that the vocals are left almost untarnished from over-the-top maneuvers, letting audiences soak in the mellifluous tunes to their full potential and the subtle musicality focused on the acoustics give their songs an unquestionable spot in the playlists of true music lovers. Check out these tracks and others like ‘One Love’ and ‘Magick Man’ by hopping into SoundCloud. Their songs are also available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Reverbnation. Follow the band on Twitter and Facebook for more. 

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Sapphire Blue by Apollo Craven

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