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The Talented Duo RELENTLESS HOPE Treats Their Fans withthe Official Music Video Of ‘DDPY WARRIOR (RISE&GRIND)’


The performing duo RELENTLESS HOPE has never been afraid to push their musical boundaries, and this time they are back with the latest music video of ‘DDPY WARRIOR (RISE&GRIND)’.


Duos always bring so much diversity and versatility to the music industry and the incredibly talented duo, RELENTLESS HOPE is one of the contributing stars. The performing duo has brought a new concept along with a new approach to self-love and self-confidence in their newly released music video. The rap flow and the complementing composition capture the real expressive nature of the duo. The official release of ‘DDPY WARRIOR (RISE&GRIND)’ on YouTube also gives a glimpse of the real raw talent and caliber of the artists.

It has just been a few days since the video was released, but in this short span of time, the video was able to gather more than fourteen thousand views which speaks volumes about their talent and innovative approach toward making quality music. The culmination of a new and refreshing rap flow and some new sounds made the composition unique and the song worth watching. The artist duo has given a consistent and stronger-than-ever screen presence in the video which is definitely one of the reasons why people from all over the world are giving so much love and support to the music video.

Released under the label RELENTLESS HOPE MUSIC, the official music video of DDPY WARRIOR (RISE&GRIND)’ was a long due and fans have been requesting new music for quite some time now. The request from the fans did not go unnoticed, and upon release, the video was welcomed with open hearts! The new style and extended vocal ranges that can be seen in the song are truly refreshing. The funk and hip-hop nature of the track is complemented well by the confident attitude that the duo showcased in the video. As mentioned before, the composition of the song is fun and upbeat, creating an enjoyable rhythm that stays with the audience for a long time. Along with the beats, the lyrics are another enchanting element of the song that gets across the message of being self-confident and loving yourself just the way you are and being proud of that.

The duo, RELENTLESS HOPE created the video with matching visuals with the message, showing their confident avatar and working on them continuously to get better. The visuals include both of them working out and rapping around. You can watch the video on YouTube and listen to the track on Spotify, and Apple Music. Follow the duo on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more information.

Watch this Music Video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXvQAlAvPGQ


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