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Enjoy the Brooding Music Works of Modern Melodic Death Metal Band Seinaru Sekai


Seinaru Sekai

Highly intriguing and incredibly made tracks of this Modern Melodic Death Metal Band Seinaru Sekai are widely engulfing with its charged-up growling portions.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Oettingen, Bavaria Mar 27, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – This is a newly founded band by members, as they have been performing in various other bands together for a while now. Sharing the same dedicated passion for music, they are known as Seinaru Sekai. They are associated with several former and ongoing projects like Carnage Calligraphy, Darkest Horizon, and Grand old Wrath. They have offered stunning musicianship through their works. One of their three initial releases is ‘Fragile Little World’, a musical masterpiece that will thoroughly consume your consciousness and make you fall for the heart-aching sound of melodic death metal.

They have released two other incredible tracks ‘In Fear’ and ‘Pain’, and both of them speak colors of their dark techniques. Every sound has there hidden soul, and for them, its musical soul lies in the narrative of the tracks. The flames of each of their tracks can be felt with open arms. Their audacious and violent tracks offer the 2000s melodic death metal styles. The fast-paced music accompanied by the heavy hooks were the reason behind the great success of these tracks.

Representing every perspective of life and their narrative showcases the true agenda of the Melodic Death Metal genre. By far Seinaru Sekai has offered three tracks ‘Fragile Little World’, ‘In Fear’, and ‘Pain’, and each of them talks about a separate aspect of life. At present they are preparing for their first live show on 29th April 2023. A full album will be released later this year and a performance Video will be coming out soon. Follow them on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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